So Close, Yet So Far

Opening Day is in less than two weeks!!! *screaming on the inside*

It’s bittersweet, but I’m still super excited!


What I’m definitely NOT excited about is the cold weather.

Just… no.

My hands turn to icicles, and I don’t appreciate wanting to cry every time I swing. Or catch. Or breathe.

I often find myself standing in the outfield, with no extra gear and no wind blockage, contemplating ways to end my misery…

(Broken leg, plane falling out of the sky, the Rapture, etc.)

And praying to God no one hits me the ball because all I want to do is run back to my big jacket in the dugout…

It’s simple, really.


Like.. It makes me mad. I go outside, my face turns to frozen fire (then numb), and I have to spend the rest of the day thawing.

It sucks!

If cold weather could (would) disappear forever, I’d be completely okay with that.

P.S. Here’s 20 horrible things I would still prefer over cold weather:

1. Breaking my last ponytail holder

2. Stubbing my pinky toe

3. Being abducted by aliens

4. Burning my tongue

5. Folding a fitted sheet

6. Getting a paper cut

7. Being one number away from winning the lottery

8. Being a Texas fan

9. Getting a blister

10. Taking two chops to the throat

11. Shaving off my boyfriend’s beard and eating it

12. Washing dishes 

13. Being stuck behind a car going 15 under the speed limit

14. Getting a hangnail 

15. Getting a calf cramp

16. Donald Trump becoming president (Just kidding.)

17. Cleaning the shower drain

18. Having a farmer’s tan

19. Dropping food on my shirt

20. Becoming a man


You Are What You Eat

If you didn’t get a chance to read my last post, I mentioned my speculation in the development of a possible gluten intolerance.

(My suspicions brought on by the very splotchy, very itchy skin now covering a large portion of my body.)

Anyway… Last week, I came across this website called Thrive Market.

Turns out, it’s a members-only wholesale club, like Sam’s, but for health foods.

It sounds scary, I know. (Kale and quinoa?! *over dramatic look of terror*)

But it is actually amazing!

Signing up is free, and you get a free unlimited 30 day trial, plus free shipping on orders over $49.

You get an extra 15% off your first order as well.

I signed up the day I found the site (but didn’t have much time to browse), and then I got an email today saying my extra 15% off expired tonight. So I thought, “Oh, what the heck! I’ll see if anything looks good.”

I wondered around the website, and it surprised me to see some brands I knew I loved.

Especially when… *drum roll*

They were all gluten-free AND pre-discounted!

Needless to say, I had to place an order.

I ended up with these in my cart:

  1. Angie’s Boomchickapop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn
  2. Krave Black Cherry Barbecue Pork Jerky
  3. All Natural Cherry Fruit Strips
  4. Gluten Free Starter Kit

The kettle corn is HIGHLY addictive. (I ate a huge bag of it from Sam’s in 2 days… *awkward laugh*) They stopped carrying it at my local Sam’s though, so I was pumped to see it on Thrive. It was pre-discounted $2.00 off.

[UPDATE: I also saw the smaller bags at Krest 2/$4.00.]

I usually go for the Jack Link’s Turkey Jerky, but it’s like $10 a bag (that’s gone in 3 days), so I don’t normally buy it. Before I even tried the Krave Jerky, I saw it in a magazine, and I thought it would be good to add to the jerky basket I gave my boyfriend last Valentine’s Day. [Picture below.] He loved the jerky, so I bought a variety pack from Sam’s, and the Black Cherry Barbecue was definitely my favorite flavor. It was also pre-discounted $2.00 off.

(Also featured: Perky Jerky Sweet and Spicy Turkey Jerky, Jack Link’s Steakhouse Beef Jerky, Slant Shack Vermont Maple Glaze and Garlic Powder Beef Jerky, and Ruby Bay Teriyaki Wild Salmon Jerky.)

I tried fruit strips before, and I liked them, so I thought I would give these a try. They were pre-discounted $1.50 off.

Last, but not least… The Gluten Free Starter Kit.

Edison Grainery: Black Beans

Ancient Harvest: Quinoa Penne Pasta

Jovial: Organic Crushed Tomatoes

Edward & Sons: Traditional Miso Soup

Angie’s: Non-GMO Sea Salt Popcorn

Pacific Natural Foods: Unsweetened Almond Beverage

Gimme: Roasted Seaweed Snack

Kind: Oats & Honey Clusters with Coconut

Thrive Market: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Nature’s Path: Organic Chocolate Crispy Rice Cereal Bars

Alter Eco: Jasmine Rice

This is what I’m most excited about. I was hesitant when it first popped up to see what all was inside, but I’m game for pretty much everything besides the seaweed snack. (I’ll let you guys know how that goes.) The kit was pre-discounted $21.00 off.

I aimed for $49 to get the free shipping, so I put the Starter Kit in the cart first and then the kettle corn. I had about $9 to go, so I decided to go with the jerky and the fruit strips and hope for the best.

My subtotal came out to $49.30. (I literally laughed out loud.)

It applied my free shipping and my extra 15% off, so my grand total came out to around $42, and I ended up saving $32 overall!

I’m happy though because I would rather spend $40 on food that is good for me, and will hopefully help me, than cheap micro meals or box mac and cheese. (*cough* I’ll leave those for my boyfriend. *cough*)

In conclusion… Before your 30 days are up, you can cancel your membership with no hassle OR when your 30 days are up, you can continue your membership for 1 year for $60.

They also give you the option at check out to donate to a family in need, which I think is pretty cool.

Check it out, and let me know what you guys think!

“You Got Eczema?”

So after a productive day of practice and an exhausting hour of CrossFit,

(Which extra sucked today, by the way…)

I decided to be a good girl and have some eggs, a cheese stick, and an apple for dinner. (I also had some heart healthy nut mix before CrossFit.)

I fried eggs for the first time. They weren’t the prettiest things in the world.. But they tasted just like the ones the people at Waffle House make for me, so I say it was a success.

Speaking of food, I begin to suspect I developed some sort of gluten intolerance or wheat allergy.

Why, you ask?

Because my legs and arms look like I’m mutating into a human leopard.


Spots everywhere.


(Not like the “tickle in your throat” itchy. Like the “claw your skin until you bleed” itchy.)

I went to the dermatologist a few months ago, and of course, she concluded it was just the eczema I dealt with for most of my life.

However, I can tell you this is something completely different. The spots first appeared about four years ago with just one or two, but recently… It looks like you would follow me around with a can of Lysol and stay at least fifteen feet away at all times.

Throw in the tie dye of bruising on my knee and shin/ankle (casualties from catching), and my mom would have a heart attack.

So if anyone knows much about gluten intolerance or wheat allergies, please feel free to share.

P.S. If you don’t get the reference from my title, click here. It will make your day.

Just Call Me Paula

I had a can of vegetable stock staring down at me from the top of the pantry ever since we moved into the apartment last May. Yesterday afternoon, it finally bothered me so much, I had to do something.

I hopped on Google, and I ended up picking out this black bean vegetable soup recipe.

I also got so bored last night, I went ahead and made the soup, so I wouldn’t have to make it today. (Being productively lazy is one of my specialties.)

I substituted the garlic for garlic powder. It recommends 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder per clove or 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt per clove, but I used 1/4 teaspoon, and it tasted fine.

As well, I rekindled my long lost dislike of onions. I’m terrible at chopping them, my apartment smells funky, and my eyes are still burning like I stared directly into a heater on full blast. (Anyone with contacts knows what I’m talking about…) But the soup itself, I enjoyed. We’re going to try it for dinner tonight with Fritos.

[UPDATE: Definitely better with Fritos and shredded cheese!]

This morning, I made waffles. It was the same recipe I used before that I found on Pinterest. However, I cut the recipe in half this time, so I didn’t have another Tower O’ Waffles for only two people. This time was also significantly less messy. *thumbs up*

While cooking breakfast, I remembered a post my boyfriend’s aunt tagged me in on Facebook. She wanted to make a cookbook out of people’s family recipes, and she asked if I had any I wanted to share. I gave her the recipes for my mom’s chicken and dumplings and our family’s gelatin salad dessert. I will save the gelatin salad for another time (it is mainly a holiday dish), but I thought I would share the chicken and dumpling recipe with you guys. It is super simple and super yummy!

Mom’s Chicken and Dumplings

1 Large Can of Chicken

2 Cans Cream of Chicken Soup

2 Cans Milk or 1/2 Milk and 1/2 Water



Garlic Powder

2 Cans of Biscuits

(This serves 3-4 people. I use Great Value biscuits and canned chicken, but it really doesn’t matter. I also prefer two cans of milk instead of the half and half.)

  1. Combine Cream of Chicken, milk/milk mixture, and can of chicken in a large pot.
  2. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic.
  3. Bring to a boil.
  4. Tear biscuits into chunks.
  5. Reduce heat to a simmer and add biscuits.
  6. Stir frequently until dumplings look fluffy.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

Cream, Sugar, and Commerical Free

In my world, coffee is the beverage equivalent to cereal…

Acceptable any time of the day.

(Especially when it’s cold outside.)

The title of my blog is not only a tongue-in-cheek representation of my ethnicity, but it is also reflective of my literal love for coffee.

My inner white girl can’t even when it comes to Starbucks. (I have a gold card…)

But now that I have my own Keurig, their sales will probably drop 50% from last year…


On this Saturday morning, however, I find myself enjoying my warm cup o’ caffeine on the couch while watching Netflix.

My current show for binge watching is Wentworth a.k.a. the Australian version of Orange is the New Black but a million times more depressing.

My new favorite show though is Nurse Jackie. (I even got my boyfriend hooked.) It follows the daily drama of a brutally honest trauma nurse attempting to juggle her pill addiction, affair, work, and time with her family before her world comes crashing down in one giant, fiery cluster. It features adult language, but the characters make you want to laugh, and cry, and hug/punch them all at the same time.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see the show starring a younger Merritt Wever who now stars as a doctor in the current season of my favorite show of all time (THE WALKING DEAD!) as well as a couple small appearances from another actor I recognized from TWD and another from Hemlock Grove, which is basically Twilight meets True Blood.

Any of the shows I mentioned today, I highly recommend.

(Except the Twilight movie series… Just read the books.)

Aside from True Blood (HBO), everything is available on Netflix.

Wentworth: 3 Seasons [45 minute episodes]

Orange is the New Black: 3 Seasons [1 hour episodes]

Nurse Jackie: 7 Seasons [30 minute episodes] DISCONTINUED

The Walking Dead: 5 Seasons [1 hour episodes] SECOND HALF OF SEASON 6 PREMIERES FEBRUARY 14TH!!!

Hemlock Grove: 3 Seasons [1 hour episodes] DISCONTINUED

True Blood: 7 Seasons [1 hour episodes] DISCONTINUED

If you would like any other show recommendations, let me know!


Mind Over Stomach

If you don’t know me personally, you’ll soon learn that I have a deep love for food.

And as I laid down to bed last night, I realized I’m one of those people who look forward (with great enthusiasm) to what I’m going to eat the next day.

Some people look forward to naps. Some people look forward to plans. Me? Food.

(Sad, I know…)

Don’t judge.

Or do.

I’m still going to enjoy stuffing my face regardless.

However, I will say ANYTHING is better than the ramen, toaster strudels, and pizza rolls I lived off of for the past two weeks.

Thank you, College, for making me 10 years old again! *thick sarcasm*

But I am guilty of justifying my junk food consumption because I work out so much.

Really though…

What’s a girl to do when a salad doesn’t keep her full for more than 15 minutes?

I’ll tell you! BURGER TIME!

Bad for me? Yes. Caring? Not really.

Protein > Shrubbery


New Beginnings

I finally caved, y’all. I started a blog!

I made my indecisive mind commit!

(After spending 30 minutes trying to pick a display theme… *awkward laugh*)


With today marking my last first day as an undergraduate, and yesterday marking my last first practice as a collegiate athlete, I feel the timing is right.

I know these next five months will hold some of the most busy, exciting, stressful, influential, overwhelming, and memorable days of my life so far, and I want to share this journey with you lovely people, as well as have something to look back on when it’s all said and done.

Specifics on what is to come…

History of Psychology Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Counseling Ethics and Personality Development online, and a 4 hour, five week Cognitive Psychology course Tuesday nights starting in February. *gag*

Applying for online grad schools for Sports Psychology and alternative teaching certifications and testing. Plus, required licensing and testing to coach.

Practice every week day, pitching/catching Wednesdays, CrossFit two nights a week, and first game FEBRUARY 9th. (I’m pumped!)

That covers everything… For now.

I’m sure my big wall calendar holds many surprises for the future. But in an exciting way.

I just consider it practice for my time management (and procrastination) skills.

Aside from formalities…

I survived the first two days of this week/semester. Practice the last two days hasn’t been bad. We have a new catching/assistant coach, so we’ll see how that goes, and my TTH morning class seems promising.

CrossFit tonight KICKED.MY.BUTT.

Definitely feel the noodle limbs coming tomorrow. Sorry, Coach!

On the bright side, I also discovered my waffle iron can make grilled cheese, so my boyfriend is pretty pleased.

I’m just looking forward to bedtime.