New Beginnings

I finally caved, y’all. I started a blog!

I made my indecisive mind commit!

(After spending 30 minutes trying to pick a display theme… *awkward laugh*)


With today marking my last first day as an undergraduate, and yesterday marking my last first practice as a collegiate athlete, I feel the timing is right.

I know these next five months will hold some of the most busy, exciting, stressful, influential, overwhelming, and memorable days of my life so far, and I want to share this journey with you lovely people, as well as have something to look back on when it’s all said and done.

Specifics on what is to come…

History of Psychology Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Counseling Ethics and Personality Development online, and a 4 hour, five week Cognitive Psychology course Tuesday nights starting in February. *gag*

Applying for online grad schools for Sports Psychology and alternative teaching certifications and testing. Plus, required licensing and testing to coach.

Practice every week day, pitching/catching Wednesdays, CrossFit two nights a week, and first game FEBRUARY 9th. (I’m pumped!)

That covers everything… For now.

I’m sure my big wall calendar holds many surprises for the future. But in an exciting way.

I just consider it practice for my time management (and procrastination) skills.

Aside from formalities…

I survived the first two days of this week/semester. Practice the last two days hasn’t been bad. We have a new catching/assistant coach, so we’ll see how that goes, and my TTH morning class seems promising.

CrossFit tonight KICKED.MY.BUTT.

Definitely feel the noodle limbs coming tomorrow. Sorry, Coach!

On the bright side, I also discovered my waffle iron can make grilled cheese, so my boyfriend is pretty pleased.

I’m just looking forward to bedtime.


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