Mind Over Stomach

If you don’t know me personally, you’ll soon learn that I have a deep love for food.

And as I laid down to bed last night, I realized I’m one of those people who look forward (with great enthusiasm) to what I’m going to eat the next day.

Some people look forward to naps. Some people look forward to plans. Me? Food.

(Sad, I know…)

Don’t judge.

Or do.

I’m still going to enjoy stuffing my face regardless.

However, I will say ANYTHING is better than the ramen, toaster strudels, and pizza rolls I lived off of for the past two weeks.

Thank you, College, for making me 10 years old again! *thick sarcasm*

But I am guilty of justifying my junk food consumption because I work out so much.

Really though…

What’s a girl to do when a salad doesn’t keep her full for more than 15 minutes?

I’ll tell you! BURGER TIME!

Bad for me? Yes. Caring? Not really.

Protein > Shrubbery



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