Cream, Sugar, and Commerical Free

In my world, coffee is the beverage equivalent to cereal…

Acceptable any time of the day.

(Especially when it’s cold outside.)

The title of my blog is not only a tongue-in-cheek representation of my ethnicity, but it is also reflective of my literal love for coffee.

My inner white girl can’t even when it comes to Starbucks. (I have a gold card…)

But now that I have my own Keurig, their sales will probably drop 50% from last year…


On this Saturday morning, however, I find myself enjoying my warm cup o’ caffeine on the couch while watching Netflix.

My current show for binge watching is Wentworth a.k.a. the Australian version of Orange is the New Black but a million times more depressing.

My new favorite show though is Nurse Jackie. (I even got my boyfriend hooked.) It follows the daily drama of a brutally honest trauma nurse attempting to juggle her pill addiction, affair, work, and time with her family before her world comes crashing down in one giant, fiery cluster. It features adult language, but the characters make you want to laugh, and cry, and hug/punch them all at the same time.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see the show starring a younger Merritt Wever who now stars as a doctor in the current season of my favorite show of all time (THE WALKING DEAD!) as well as a couple small appearances from another actor I recognized from TWD and another from Hemlock Grove, which is basically Twilight meets True Blood.

Any of the shows I mentioned today, I highly recommend.

(Except the Twilight movie series… Just read the books.)

Aside from True Blood (HBO), everything is available on Netflix.

Wentworth: 3 Seasons [45 minute episodes]

Orange is the New Black: 3 Seasons [1 hour episodes]

Nurse Jackie: 7 Seasons [30 minute episodes] DISCONTINUED

The Walking Dead: 5 Seasons [1 hour episodes] SECOND HALF OF SEASON 6 PREMIERES FEBRUARY 14TH!!!

Hemlock Grove: 3 Seasons [1 hour episodes] DISCONTINUED

True Blood: 7 Seasons [1 hour episodes] DISCONTINUED

If you would like any other show recommendations, let me know!



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