So Close, Yet So Far

Opening Day is in less than two weeks!!! *screaming on the inside*

It’s bittersweet, but I’m still super excited!


What I’m definitely NOT excited about is the cold weather.

Just… no.

My hands turn to icicles, and I don’t appreciate wanting to cry every time I swing. Or catch. Or breathe.

I often find myself standing in the outfield, with no extra gear and no wind blockage, contemplating ways to end my misery…

(Broken leg, plane falling out of the sky, the Rapture, etc.)

And praying to God no one hits me the ball because all I want to do is run back to my big jacket in the dugout…

It’s simple, really.


Like.. It makes me mad. I go outside, my face turns to frozen fire (then numb), and I have to spend the rest of the day thawing.

It sucks!

If cold weather could (would) disappear forever, I’d be completely okay with that.

P.S. Here’s 20 horrible things I would still prefer over cold weather:

1. Breaking my last ponytail holder

2. Stubbing my pinky toe

3. Being abducted by aliens

4. Burning my tongue

5. Folding a fitted sheet

6. Getting a paper cut

7. Being one number away from winning the lottery

8. Being a Texas fan

9. Getting a blister

10. Taking two chops to the throat

11. Shaving off my boyfriend’s beard and eating it

12. Washing dishes 

13. Being stuck behind a car going 15 under the speed limit

14. Getting a hangnail 

15. Getting a calf cramp

16. Donald Trump becoming president (Just kidding.)

17. Cleaning the shower drain

18. Having a farmer’s tan

19. Dropping food on my shirt

20. Becoming a man


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