Opening Day Report

I intended to blog last night after my games, but exhaustion and frozen fingers won out. Plus the wind blew away all my motivation, aside from showering and sleeping.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my Facebook post yesterday, Opening Day was bittersweet. I was (and still am) excited season started, but it is my last season. Ever.

It’s just surreal.

We played a decent D2 team with a prior 6 games under their belts opposing our none. I think that’s what really made the difference because they were not anything impressive.

They beat us 6-3 the first game and 4-3 in the last inning the second game.

Forecast: Low 40s and wind that seals your soul

Yesterday goes into my top 5 coldest days ever played. It was pretty miserable.


As for myself, I was designated player the first game (I didn’t play the field, but I batted.), and then they subbed me in the last two innings to play right field, and I started in right field the second game.

First game, I was 0-3 batting (all groundouts). Second game, I was 1-3 batting with a ground out, a base hit, and a line drive out to right.

(Which is a double in the gap anywhere else, but they had a stupid 200 ft baby field… *unamused face*)

Overall though, I was proud of my team yesterday. The other team just had a better day. I wasn’t particularly pleased with my own performance, but I didn’t strike out, and my arm didn’t feel like disconnecting at the elbow, so it could’ve been worse.

Next games are tomorrow. Our first home games, and I get to play against one of my friends from high school.

(That just means we need to kick their butts even harder. *wink*)

On to the next ones!

[Record: 0-2, Batting Average: (1-6) .167]


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