Games 3-4 Report

Let me start off by saying, “Everything hurts… And I’m dying… And it will only be worse tomorrow…”

*Crying on the inside*

We had our first home games of the season. We had the walk up songs bumpin’, the weather was perfect, and the field looked fantastic.

Our first game, we lost 1-0. I was DP again, and I hit like poop. I was 1-3 with a pop up, a base hit, and a ground out. We had a chance to put some runs on the board with the bases loaded and one out, but we got doubled up on a blooper the short stop snagged and then threw back to third to end the inning.

The bottom half of the double header though… Was a whoooole other ball game. (Pun intended.)

I was 1-4 hitting with a fly ball, check swing strike out, ground out, and a base hit. I also caught and had a diving catch and threw a bunter out at first.

We had some critical errors in the field costing us 3 or 4 runs pretty early in the game, and we weren’t hitting their second pitcher very well. We had a couple more mistakes in our execution putting them up 6-2. We finally bounced back and strung some hits together to get two more runs on the board.

It’s 6-4 going into the bottom of the 7th inning. Somehow or another (my memory lacks today…), we ended up with the bases loaded, one out, and I was on 2nd.

Batter stepped in the box…

Pitcher was ready…

She threw it in the dirt…

Passed ball…

And the catcher had NO IDEA where it went.

She looked around frantically as the ball made its way into deep foul territory near their dug out.

Our runner on 3rd base scored easily. I ran, realized the catcher still had no clue where the ball was, blew through 3rd base, ran home, and I slid head first.

I ripped off my knee caps, but I was safe.

Tied ball game 6-6.

We couldn’t score the winning run, so we went into extra innings with International Tie Breaker. (In ITB, the player who made the last out in the previous inning automatically starts on 2nd base.)

We held them in the top of the 8th inning with two runners left on base. Our runner went out to 2nd base for the bottom of the 8th, and our lead off hit a walk off home run to win 8-6.


Needless to say, I’m so proud of my team, and I can’t wait to see what else waits for us! Next games are Saturday at home!

On to the next ones!

[Record: 1-3, Batting Average: (3-13) .231]


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