Tough Luck Tuesday

I had class at 9:25 AM. It was the normal “lecture and discussion” routine.

After class, I went down to the library to chip away at a paper for my online class due Thursday.

Around 11:00, I left the library to go get lunch, and as soon as I walked out the door, I knew it would be an interesting day.

It was game day, and the chilly wind was a’wippin’ and a’whirlin’. (I wasn’t amused.)

I had McAlister’s for lunch. Half Spud Max, half regular chili (their veggie chili is better though), and a big ol’ cup of sweet tea. *warm and fuzzy feelings*

After eating, I headed back to the school for my games.

We played a good D2 team, but the games were exhibition, so they didn’t count.

I kept book the first game, and we lost 7-0.


The shenanigans started in between the games.

I went for a bathroom break and discovered “shark week” arrived… a day early.

I made due, but once again… I wasn’t amused.

I caught the second game, but it was weird from the get go.

Their lead off batter hit a ground ball to our pitcher, aaaaaand she ended up with an in the park home run. (I’ll leave it at that.)

Nothing eventful for me on the defensive side, and I was 0-3 batting. (I’m still trying to understand why I suck so much. Hopefully I’ll figure it out before the season is over. Who really knows.)

We lost 6-1. I will say, however, that I was very proud of our freshmen. One is a pitcher who threw her heart out and made some people look straight silly with some nasty change ups. The other went 2-2 batting off a pretty good pitcher, and she ran in our only run for the day.


I headed out to my car after the games at 5:25, and my new night class started at 6:00.

I planned on driving down the road to the YMCA to shower and wash my hair before class, but that was before I only had 30 minutes.

I HATE being late. I think it is inconsiderate and rude and awkward, and it gives me anxiety. So y’all know as I’m zoomin’ down to the YMCA, I’m stressin’.

I whip into a parking spot. I’m power walking through the parking lot and down the hall of the Y with people looking at me funny. I get to the locker room, throw my extra stuff in a locker, grab some towels, get to the showers, and I quickly undress as I wait for the water to warm up… But it doesn’t. *not amused face*

I grab all my stuff, cover up in a towel, and hop over to the next shower. Thankfully, it actually had warm water.

I wash my hair furiously, turn off the water, and dry off as I decide what I’m going to do about my clothing situation… As I mentioned before, shark week came early, so all I packed was a long sleeve, bra, yoga pants, and a thong…

I made it work (after almost wiping out trying to put on my pants), and again, not amused.

I grab the rest of my stuff from the locker, power walk back down the hall, out to my car, and made it to class on time with 8 minutes to spare.



The course material for my night class was interesting. I was just… struggling.

Did you know that the average attention span in a classroom is 15-20 minutes?

My night class is four hours long… He gave us a 20 minute break, but I still wanted to die.

I am the youngest person in the class by a span of anywhere from five to forty years.

A guy walked in 45 minutes late, smelling like cheap cigarettes, and decided to sit RIGHT. NEXT. TO. ME. *crazy eyes*

Know-it-all guy a.k.a. try-hard guy sat right in front of me, so I had to resist the urge to punch him in the back of the head after every comment.


And I was also starving. (Two halos, mixed nuts, and a cereal bar only go so far.)

Yesterday was just not my day.


One comment

  1. Kem Cain · February 17, 2016

    Hi Honey, you made it through Tuesday, and you woke up this morning with NEW Mercies, enjoy and be Blessed. Love you GRAN.


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