Tournament Report (Games 7-10)

The weather was about all that went well our first game yesterday. We played a scrappy team out of Kansas with a pretty good pitcher, and we could NOT catch a break.

The game lasted 11 innings with 4 innings of ITB, and we ended up losing 7-5. I was DP until the 7th inning, and then I went in to catch the rest of the game. I was 0-2 batting with hard ground ball down the right field line the first baseman snagged, two walks, a sac bunt, and a chopper to the 2nd baseman.

However, things turned a complete 180 in the second game. We played another team from Kansas, and we run ruled them 11-0 after 5 innings. I caught the entire game, and I was 2-3 batting with a push bunt for a base hit, a pop up, and a two run triple.

(I definitely got my cardio in with a run from 1st base to home and my triple. I also probably gave my coach a heart attack because he didn’t send me to 3rd on my triple. I just blew through 2nd base.. *awkward laugh*)

Today, we played the same team we beat yesterday night. We beat them again 6-1. I caught the entire game and threw a girl out stealing. (Shoutout to my shortstop for hanging with my questionable throw.)

I was 0-2 batting with what would have been a bat hit had the pitcher not gloved it, a sac bunt, and a rocket right to the center fielder. (Just my luck.)

Our second game today was against a third team from Kansas. We beat them 5-0. I was DP and 2-3 batting with two base hits to right field and a fly ball to center.

Regardless, I cannot tell you how proud I am of my ladies. I had a feeling that it would only take one game to turn things around for us, and look what happened! We’re going to play hard and surprise some people this year.

Next games are away Tuesday, but we’re keeping an eye on the weather.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 4-6, Batting Average: (8-28) .286)


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