Games 11-12 Report

I’ve been behind the times lately on my blog, so I apologize to you lovely people!

We had games 11 and 12 yesterday, and we continued our winning streak to five games. (We’re also back at a .500 record!)

We won our first game 15-1 after five innings and our second game 12-9.

Our first game was rather uneventful,  aside from our runnings of the bases. I was DP as usual, and I was 0-2 batting with two ground outs and a walk.

Our second game was also uneventful until the top of the fifth inning. We were up 11-0, and all we had to do was get 3 outs for the run rule.

Between a few hits and many errors, they ended up scoring 9 runs, but we put up one more run in the bottom of the fifth and held them two more innings for the win. 

I caught the second game, and I was 1-3 with two ground outs, a hit (which I though was an error because the third baseman kicked it), and a walk.

(To be completely honest, my batting drives me damn nuts… By the end of the second game, it took everything in my power not to throw my helmet and scream at the top of my lungs.)

But alas, (though it was ugly) wins are wins, and tomorrow is a new game day.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 6-6, Batting Average: (9-33) .273]


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