Games 13-14 Report

Well, we couldn’t keep the winning streak, BUT we ruined someone else’s, so I’ll take it.

We split the series with a 4-2 loss and a 11-10 roller coaster of a victory that ended our opponents 7 game winning streak. We couldn’t pull the bats together for the first game, but they showed up the second game for sure.

Aside from pinch running in the fifth inning, I didn’t play the first game, but I caught the entire 3 hour second game.

(My feet wanted to die.)

No errors or passed balls on defense for me, and I threw out a girl trying to steal third like a dumbie. I was 2-3 batting with a ground out, walk, and two hits. I ran in the winning run from a sac fly in the bottom of the 7th, and I also had 2 stolen bases.

However, the whole game was back and forth with the lead. We would score a bunch, they would score a bunch… It was madness. We helped them out with some errors, but I’ll give them credit. They had some good hitters. All in all though, I still think we made them look much better than they are.

(The umpires [once again] didn’t cut us any breaks.)

Nonetheless, yesterday was another crazy one for the books. I guess you could say we like to keep things… Exciting. Or make them look extremely ugly.. Take your pick.

Next games are Tuesday away, but the rain might get us, and then we travel again next weekend to play in a tournament.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 7-7, Batting Average: (11-36) .306]


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