Tournament 2 Report (Games 15-18)

We left the school at a bright and shiny 7:30 AM Friday morning on our way to good ol’ Kansas. It wasn’t a bad drive, but there definitely wasn’t much to look at.

(The wind also followed us there…)

We won our first game 7-2. I was 2-4 with two base hits and two ground balls as the DP.

We also won our second game 4-0. I was 0-2 batting with two line drives to centerfield and a walk. I caught all but the last inning, and then Coach sent me to right field.

Day 2 of the tournament came with PERFECT ball weather. 70s and sunny with a slight breeze.

We won our first game 7-0. I was 0-2 with a ground ball and a pop up to short stop as DP. Coach subbed me out after my second hit, so it was book keeper duty for me the remainder of the game.

We won our final game 4-0. I had a sliding catch behind the dish in the final inning of the game, but it was rather uneventful for me otherwise, except for making their whole team look straight silly chasing after my pitcher’s brutal change ups.

I was 2-4 that game with an infield single, an RBI base hit, and two ground balls.

Not gonna lie, it felt really good to go 4-0 this weekend. From what I can recall, I don’t think we’ve ever been able to come out of that tournament undefeated in my four years. I’m beyond proud of my ladies.

We may or may not have our next games Tuesday away. It’s supposed to be a downpour, but it would be REALLY nice to go 6-0 into Spring Break. Wishful thinking!

On to the next ones!

[Record: 11-7, Batting Average: (15-48) .313]


One comment

  1. Rev Kem Cain · March 6, 2016

    Sometimes we get a little taste of winning to appreciate the good feeling, but then we need to know the feeling of defeat to appreciate the fact that no matter how much we try, sometimes our best just doesn’t work the same way. Give a little take a little, divide the team and everyone isn’t playing their very best, lack of sleep, lack of energy, etc. However, it takes the whole team to play the game, you are not alone and when you know you have done your best, that is all that matters, win, lose or draw. You are doing your best, congratulations, keep up the good work and help the others who are having a difficult time. You can do it ! Go TEAM, Love you, GRAN.

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