For Spring Break 2016, we decided Las Vegas was the perfect destination.

My boyfriend has never been, and my family hasn’t gone since my sister and I were both in elementary school.

I remember bits and pieces of the feathers and flashing lights, but now that I’m 21, it’s going to be an entirely different experience.

We fly out tonight at 8:50 PM our time and land at 9:35 their time. (It’s a 2 hour, 45 minute flight with a two hour time change.) We will vacation for 4 glorious days, and then we fly back Thursday afternoon.

(It is also my boyfriend’s first time to fly, so he’s a little nervous.)

I finished two weeks worth of assignments in 5 days to clear my school schedule. I cleaned the apartment, took out the trash, did laundry, and packed, so we’re all set to go!

Be prepared! Play-By-Days to come!

I’ll do brief summaries via Facebook post, and then I’ll have more detailed accounts of our adventures here.




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