Vegas Day 1 (Monday)

You can’t go wrong when you start the day off at the spa. I rolled out of bed, cleaned up a bit, and made my way to the 4th floor for my 8:00 AM massage.

The receptionist showed me inside, and I changed into my fluffy robe. The spa itself was nice, but nothing super fancy. They had clean bathrooms, a jacuzzi, a sauna, dressing room with lockers, and individual showers.

The only downside? I saw WAY more of other women than I wanted to see that early in the morning… *look of horror*

(THAT in mind, I’d say it was like an upscale YMCA.)

After all the trauma, the massage therapist rescued me and took me to my room where I left reality for a little while.

It was a 50 minute massage with two enhancers, so I picked the Tired Foot Escape and the Hot Rocks (Recommend!) 

From toe nail to pony tail, I was in Heaven.

When the massage ended, I went back into the spa for 20 minutes in the sauna, rinsed off in the shower, got dressed, and hopped on the elevator to go downstairs.

I went back to the Fulton Food Hall to grab my boyfriend and myself breakfast. Their giant cinnamon rolls stared me straight in the face, so I got one of those and a maple bacon roll for him.

The rolls themselves were flaky like crossiants and then smothered in icing. So good.

We cleaned up again and met my family at the Purple Zebra. Ryan was working, so he hooked us up with a Black Cherry Hurricane with an extra shot (AMAZEBALLS), and then we were back on the strip.

We saw Paris. We saw New York, New York. Planet Hollywood. MGM. But we ended up at the Exclaliber for lunch.

Buca di Beppo Italian restaurant. I ordered the lunch portion of Baked Ziti which was still enough to feed 2-3 people. It was cheesy, panko crispy, and carb loaded, so you know it was amazing.

We then made our way back to home base, but we couldn’t resist stopping for dessert at the Monte Carlo’s BLVD Creamery. I sampled the lusciously smooth Horchata ice cream which reminded me of coconut Jelly Bellies, but I ordered the Not Your Father’s Float that was to die for. (Plus, the give you the rest of the can to enjoy!)

The final stop for the day was Caesars Palace, and I forgot how extravagant it is. The architecture is just as beautiful as the designer shoes and bags in the clothing stores within it.

We did some shopping, grabbed another daiquiri at Fat Tuesday, and slammed down some juicy Smash Burgers.

The rest of the night was gambling at The Linq and Harrah’s until exhaustion finally set in. Back at Fulton, I ordered a delicious toasted bacon, egg, and cheese crossiant, and then it was back upstairs to the comfy king.


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