Vegas Night 1 (Sunday)

We landed earlier than expected. The flight was basically perfect until decent when we hit quite a bit of turbulence. We waited for our luggage, caught a taxi, and then made our way to the hotel.

Harrah’s is a cool place. Modern but elegant. My parents surprised us with a very nice suite, so now we have an open glass shower, fancy rectangular bath, two button toilet (Small button = #1, Big button = #2), and plush king size bed for 3 more days.

We headed back downstairs and walked over to my parent’s hotel The Linq. My mom said, “It’s a nice hotel, but it’s for a… younger crowd.”

(That made me laugh.)

The Linq also features a famous bar called O’Shea’s. The bar used to be a tiny casino, but it has now turned into party central, complete with not only a full bar and black jack tables, but 6 legit beer pong tables as well.

After walking through O’Shea’s, we made friends with Nate and Ryan, the guys who work the Purple Zebra Daiquiri Bar, and then we hit the strip.

We walked down to the Venetian, piddled our way around for a bit, and then we slowly made our way back to Harrah’s. We visited the Flamingo hotel, but most of the trip back became designated people watching.

Before heading up to bed, I stopped by the Fulton Street Food Hall downstairs for a late night sweet treat. I picked out a cupcake with Twix candy on the top, and it was the best decision of my entire life.

Chocolate cake bits marbled the vanilla cake for a perfect balance. The chocolate whipped frosting was light and velvety without being too sweet. And the Twix on top… Self explanatory. Not to mention, it was about twice the size of a regular cupcake.

I could eat one of those every day forever.


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