Vegas Day 2 (Tuesday)

I slept in a little later than usual, and then I headed back down to the 4th floor to hit the gym. I went back upstairs for a shower, and then my boyfriend and I got ready to meet up with my family.

While waiting, we shared the huge peanut butter fudge brownie I bought the night before from Fulton. It was so good but so rich. I only had a few bites before I passed it off to him to finish.

Shortly after, we met my family downstairs and took the shuttle over to Rio. They don’t do the Carvinal in the Sky anymore, which was disappointing, but it is still a cool, Mardi Gras atmosphere.

Rio’s Buffet is one of the best and BIGGEST buffets I’ve ever been to. It’s technically two buffets, one regular and a smaller one for seafood, but we just went to the regular one.

It’s a stretch of stations with Chinese, Japanese, Soul Food, Salad Bar, Mexican, and Italian with a bar in the middle, and then ANOTHER separate island just for desserts.

(I had two plates just from there… *awkward laugh*)

But we definitely had happy bellies when we left.

The rest of the day we spent gambling our lives away at Rio, Linq, and Harrah’s.

(They don’t call it Lost Wages for nothing!)

While at the Linq, my sister wanted some chocolate covered strawberries, so we went on a hunt to two cafes, but they were all sold out. Luckily though, the nice (and cute!) guy at the small cafe gave us a free pastry, so it made things better.

We found some fun new machines to play. True Blood (like the show) and Battleship. I played my always wonderful Buffalo machines, and they treated me well. My dad and boyfriend had luck with the Bejeweled machines, but they kind of trip me out because they are 3D.

Let me tell y’all something though…

The best place for the late night munchies is Hash House A Go Go at the Linq.


I ordered a Frosted Mint Latte which was both beautiful and delicious, and then my mom and I shared their famous Sage Chicken and Waffles. Even after the split, I barely finished my portion.

(The waffles also come with large slices of thick cut bacon cooked into them.)

I tried my boyfriend’s mushroom Swiss burger as well, and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. Plus, their fries were bomb.

My sister and dad each ordered a “Basic”, consisting of eggs, sausage, hash browns, and two huge slices of toast. Neither of them finished. My sister order the Old School Hot Chocolate, too. It was a bowl sized cup of house made hot cocoa garnished with 3 large marshmallows and a dusting of cocoa powder.


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