Vegas Day 3 (Wednesday)

I started another morning at the gym, hit the shower, and then we walked over to the Linq to meet my parents and grab something for breakfast at the Nook Cafe.

I had a deliciously flaky and slightly sweet Almond Crossiant dusted with powdered sugar. (It didn’t even make it through my wait in line for coffee… *no shame*)

After, we walked down the hall and caught the elevator to the 5th Floor where we found the Auto Show.

Truth be told, I’ve NEVER seen this many classic cars in one place. I saw cars I’ve only ever seen in pictures or read about, and all of them were for SALE.

The most expensive car labeled was a Rolls Royce Phantom at $1,500,000. However, they had another Phantom labeled INQUIRE, so you know that one is worth the big bucks.

They even had some historic cars like Marilyn Monroe’s Cadillac and the convertible JFK road in a few hours before his assignation. Although, the most memorable car was Johnny Carson’s green, 1930s Chrysler.

It was his first car. He took his date to prom in it, and all that good stuff. His family sold it, but later, he tracked the car down and bought it back. The funniest part of all this though was that he sold it to the Auto Show for $1.

The next stop for us was the Palazzo Hotel and Casino. It was GORGEOUS, but we didn’t stay long.

We walked across the road to the Fashion Show Mall, and it’s probably the biggest mall I’ve ever been to. (Mall of America is still on my list.)

We got our makeup done at the Urban Decay counter in Macy’s, and we made friends with our makeup artist. But we didn’t purchase anything besides my boyfriend picking up my early birthday present…

A new ring from Swarovski! It’s so beautiful and sparkly and I love it!

Back on track… We visited the Wynn Hotel next. It was so opulent and elegant. (You’re definitely spoiled if you ever stay there.)

After making our way back to home base, my boyfriend and I killed some time gambling, and grabbed a giant slice of pizza from Fulton, before going back upstairs and getting dressed up for Paris.

We walked down to Paris with plans to go up to the top of the Effiel Tower and watch the Bellagio’s water show. However, we couldn’t redeem our vouchers to get tickets, so we didn’t get the chance to go. *sad face*

(But my parents got to use them Thursday afternoon while waiting until time to catch their flight, so it worked out.)

We shrugged it off and walked back to Harrah’s, changed, and met back up with my family.

They went back over to Rio while we went to Paris. My dad went to gamble, and my mom and sister went to attend a Chippendales Show. (They said it was fun but not quite worth the $90 tickets.)

Anyway, we met them at the Harrah’s Piano Bar. My dad sang “New York, New York” and “Pretty Woman”, and my mom sang an Olivia Newton John song. They had a good time, and they weren’t bad. I just enjoyed the people watching.

It was 2:00 AM on St. Patrick’s Day. People definitely came to party.


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