Games 21-22 Report

A little chilly and windy today, but the sun was shining.

We played the #2 team in our conference (who split with the #1 team in our conference) and #4 team in our division.

We lost 6-1 and 5-0.

They weren’t bad, but we definitely have the potential to play with them/beat them.

However, we’ve won 12 of our last 15 games, so I can’t be too disappointed.

I caught three or four innings of the first game before I moved to right field, and then I stayed there until inning 5 of the second game.

I threw out a runner on a bunt while I was catching and also caught 2-3 pop ups, but nothing eventful in the outfield.

I was 0-3 batting the first game with a strike out, fielder’s choice, and a bloop to the short stop. The second game was 0-1 with a sac bunt and a ground ball.


On a more serious note…

I am proud of my team. I always will be. But I’m starting to lose hope in myself. Please pray that I can keep my head up the rest of this season and some of my confidence returns that has slipped away. Pray I can find faith in myself again and keep the little faith I have now that everything will be okay.

Nonetheless, Saturday is two more.

On to the next ones.

[Record: 13-9 (2-2), Batting Average: (15-55) .273]


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