Games 23-24 Report

Saturday was the best day of ball weather we’ve had in a long time. Sunny and 75 with no wind.

(You read that right. NO WIND.)

We also had one of the best days of ball we’ve had in a long time. It was a home game, too, so it made it even sweeter most of the parents got to come and watch.

We won 7-0 and 10-0.


Weird things to report before the normal stuff…

One of the batters for the other team got a Hit By Pitch to the chest.

(If you get my drift.)

Even more weird though…

I was bunting the second game. The pitcher threw the ball right at me, so bailed. I’m not sure if it tipped the catcher’s glove or if she missed it completely, but the umpire took a ball straight to his… Manhood.

My assistant coach said, “That’s a ball… In more ways than one.”

(Too soon?)


I played right field both games. I had a couple fly balls hit to me, and I threw someone out at second from a weird assisted play.

I was 2-3 the first game with 2 base hits and a pop up to the catcher. I was 2-3 the second game with two base hits and a pop up to first base. I also racked up a couple stolen bases and a few RBIs.

And we finished our games early enough to get lunch at one of my favorite places Catfish Cove! (It’s not fancy by any means, but it has some of the best food you’ll ever put in your mouth, and it’s a buffet.)

Our next games are Tuesday away. We play Thursday at home, and then we hit the road to Texas for our games Friday and Saturday.

I’m looking for 8 more wins on our record!

On to the next ones!

[Record: 15-9 (2-2), Batting Average: (19-61) .311]


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