Games 25-26 Report

A windy day, but not bad overall.

We played the #3 team in our conference. We’re #4, so we really needed to win these two to make our mark.

Alas, we lost both games 2-1 in the 7th inning.

The first game, we were winning 1-0, until a costly error at second and then a bang bang play on a squeeze bunt granted them the win. The second game, a bobbled bunt and a base hit did us in.

Regardless, you still need to score more than 1 run to win most ball games.

I played right field both games. It was fairly uneventful, but I did throw a girl out at first on what is normally a base hit and almost another at third.

I was 1-6 batting on the day. 0-3 the first game, and 2-3 the second game. I had two strike outs, a fielder’s choice, a fly ball, and 2 base hits.

(I did bat in our only run the second game.)

It sucks to lose that way (especially two in a row), but we have 6 more games this week, so we have to keep our heads up and continue to chug along.

Back at home again Thursday.

On to the next ones.

[Record: 15-11 (2-4), Batting: (21-67) .313]


One comment

  1. Kem Cain · March 30, 2016

    Good luck, Honey. Prayers for entire team victory. Love Gran.


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