Games 45-46 Report

I’m a week behind schedule with this, but better late than never, right?

We played the #3 team in our conference last Saturday. (None of our regular season games now mean anything , so we didn’t expect much.) We were supposed to play at home, but the rain got the upper hand on our field.

I caught the first game, and things were going pretty well, but then, just like when we played them the first time, we had our one inning where the wheels fell off.

Same goes for the second game.

We lost 5-1 and 7-1.

I played right field for the final inning of the second game, but I didn’t bat.

I was 1-3 on the day at the plate with a strike out, infield single, and a deep fly ball in the last inning.


The schedule had us playing away last Tuesday and home Thursday, but that didn’t happen.

(Our field today probably still resembles a pond more than a diamond.)

We have the school wide MACU Olympics Monday night, so we can’t play, and the last day to reschedule games is Tuesday, so we may or may not get these last 4 games in.

Regardless, the conference tournament starts next Thursday. We’ll be at the #1 seed’s place with the #4 and #8. 3 games Thursday, 2 Friday, and then graduation Saturday morning!

(I’m pumped!)

Still on softball, we also have our other tournament coming up that could take us to nationals the following Tuesday, but the specifics are still up on the air.


Back to school, I attended my last class on Tuesday and submitted my only final on Wednesday (I got a 100%), so I’m completely done until graduation!

It’s such a relief and an accomplishment.

I also start working tomorrow (weather permitting), I give hitting lessons once a week now, and coed starts this Wednesday (SUPER EXCITED), so I’ll be a busy girl for the next month.

However, I have good vibes coming my way about it, so I’m not worried. The future looks bright.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 25-21 (10-14), Batting Average: (28-95) .295]


Games 43-44 Report

Yesterday, we played the #1 team in our conference, as well as the nation, and things went about as expected.

We lost the first game 13-0 after 5 innings and the second game 6-1.

Their pitching was the best we’ve seen, but nothing special, in my opinion. However, their hitting is definitely the reason they’re at the top.

The first game, a girl hit a ball about a foot into the other batter’s box off the top of the fence, and then another girl hit a ball literally at her chin for an opposite field home run.

It was pretty impressive.

I caught the first game, and then I had book duty the second game. I was 0-2 hitting with a ground out and a fly ball.


With all the rain we’ve been having, our field is still in pretty tough shape. We took the tarp off Wednesday, and it still looked (and smelled) like a fishing pond.

We’ll have to bust our butts to get it ready, but we’ll most likely play tomorrow.

But the rain did help us out a little!

We were supposed to play yesterday’s conference games Tuesday and then go to Kansas yesterday for non-conference games, but we were rained out Tuesday, so we moved the conference games to yesterday and cancelled the non-conference games.

Those non-conference games were going to be the decider of us keeping our record at or above .500, qualifying us to go to Colorado.

We now only have 6 conference games (and total games) left, and we are 6 games above .500, so we for sure qualify.

On the other hand, the sad thing now is the team in Colorado picked to host the tournament won’t qualify, so we don’t get a vacation. 😦

A team we split with earlier in the season will host the tournament, or if they don’t want to, we will host it.

(It’s bittersweet.)

Nonetheless, we still have a really good chance of winning that regional and/or getting a bid to the national tournament in Virginia.

Hopefully, we can win at least 3 of the 6 regular season games we have left to give us some momentum going into our conference tournament and then into the regional.

Only time will tell.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 25-19 (10-12), Batting Average: (27-92) .293]

The Beauty Brunch

I forgot to tell you guys about Sunday brunch date with my mom and sister!

We went back to Scratch. My sister had been before also, but it was a new experience for my mom.

We got there before 3:00 PM, so they were still serving brunch, as mentioned.

We skipped on the appetizers but started the meal instead with some cocktails.

My mom ordered the Sooner Cobbler (what I ordered last time), and I ordered a Young At Heart. It had vodka and sparkling wine, so it was right up my alley.


Food wise…

My sister ordered a spicy Caesar salad and a bowl of tortilla soup. I’m not a Siracha fan, so I didn’t try her salad, but the soup was one of the best I’ve ever had. I just wished the chunks of avocado in it were smaller.

My mom ordered the flank steak with a house salad. The steak was good but a little underdone for my tastes; however, the salad was very good.

It was fresh greens, tomatoes, and onions with a house vinegarette that was light in a good way. It was mildly acidic and slightly sweet. (I recommend!)

I also recommend what I ordered. I was tempted by the blueberry pancakes at first, but I finally decided on the hawaiian pork sandwich.

The sweet and smoky pork came piled on a large, halved roll. (The roll was dense and sweet and magical.) I ordered the cole slaw on the side, which I’m glad I did because it was a little acidic, but I enjoyed the nutty finish the poppy seeds gave it.

It also came with a side of fries and spicy ketchup. The ketchup was a little much for me, but I loved the fries.


Last, but certainly not least…

(Never least.)

They had a triple chocolate cake, a moonshine apple pie, and a butter pecan ice cream for desserts.

So what did we do, naturally?

We ordered one of each.

The triple chocolate was chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse, vanilla mousse, and expresso mousse covered in chocolate gounche. (It was so good, I force fed myself forkfuls until I thought my stomach might burst.)

The apple pie was fantastic, as well. I wished the apples were more on the tart side instead of the sweet side, but it had a flaky pastry crust, so y’all know I ate all of that.

But nothing comes close to the ice cream. It was the table favorite, hands down. (Our waitress even brought us a little extra after we told her we loved it so much.) And honestly, it’s probably the best ice cream I’ve ever had.

It was cold velvet in your mouth with the perfect amount of sweetness, and then the pecans added this roasted crunch… (My mouth is watering again just typing about it.)

It’s for real to die for.

I would go back just for the ice cream with no shame.


We spent a little more money than we expected, but everything was completely worth it. We all left so full, it literally hurt.

(It was the level of gluttony equal to my vacation in Orlando. *awkward laugh*)

But my mom loved it so much, she took my dad back the next day to eat, and we’ll  all be back again in two weeks for my graduation party!

They’re definitely going to know us by name at the end of this…

Oh well!

Senior Night Weekend (Games 39-42)

Friday’s games were short and sweet.

We played the team from Texas we beat twice before, and we beat them twice again. We won 9-1 the first game and 10-1 the second, both after 5 innings.

I played like trash, so I don’t want to talk about it too much. I was 0-3 batting with a line drive to the outfield I got robbed on, a ground out, and a strike out.


Saturday on the other hand…

It was a good day.

The Senior Night festivities warmed my heart. We had the biggest crowd we’ve had so far, and it was great seeing everyone there to support us and cheer us on.

My parents and my boyfriend’s family also made it in from out of state to watch me play, so I was happy.

(S/O to the underclassmen who did a fantastic job with our gifts and flowers!)


Playing wise…

The wind didn’t quite cooperate, but it was pretty good otherwise. The only other downside was we couldn’t pull off a sweep, but we took a split.

We lost 4-2 the first game, and then we won 5-2 the second game.

I played right field the first game. I only had two balls hit to me. One, a simple base hit, and the other, a blooper that dropped right at the edge of the grass, so I was able to throw out the girl running home. I was 1-3 batting that game with a base hit, a ground ball, and a strike out.

The second game I caught, and I threw out one of the fastest girls on their team trying to steal second. I was 1-3 batting that game as well with a ground out, a strike out, and an RBI double.


We put the tarp on the field after the second game, but it is supposed to rain for a week straight, so we might not even be able to play next Saturday at home.

We’re scheduled to play away nearby against the #1 our conference (and the nation) on Tuesday, but who knows.

The season’s winding down, so we just gotta keep goin’.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 25-17 (10-10), Batting Average: (27-90) .300]

Games 37-38 Report


You win some, and you lose some…

And that couldn’t be more true for us yesterday.

We played a team we beat twice before, but after a rough first inning, allowing them 5 runs with 2 outs, we just couldn’t find our feet.

We lost 9-1 after 5 innings.

However, we did come back the second game and won 5-3.

I only played the second game, and I caught. I had a couple saves behind the plate, but nothing else to report.

I was 0-2 batting with an error I beat out to first, a walk, and a fielder’s choice. I also had 3 stolen bases, including one to third base.

The remaining four home games for us this week are up in the air.

It’s been raining all week (thank God for our tarp), but because of the forecast for this weekend, we may have to move our Saturday games to tomorrow (Thursday) which moves Senior Night to next weekend.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 22-16 (7-9), Batting Average: (25-81) .309]

Games 35-36 Report

As the old saying goes…

“So close, yet so far.”

We played the now #3 team in the nation and the still #2 team in our conference.

The first game, I thought we had them beat for sure, but we lost 2-0.

The second game, we played incredibly well, until one bad inning allowed them to run away from us, and we lost 10-2.

It’s frustrating because we lost, but it is hopeful because it showed we are literally so close to being so great.

I’m still super proud of our pitching staff for their performances, as well as our freshmen who had some clutch hits.

I caught the first game and the last inning of the second game. I was 0-2 batting with a strike out and a fielder’s choice. (The first baseman made a good play.)


Aside from playing, I’m also excited to announce I have my first hitting lesson as an instructor on Monday!


I’m nervous because this will be a new experience, but I’m super pumped because coaching has always been a dream of mine. I’m hoping this is the first step in the right direction!


All games home next week, including Senior Night on Saturday! We play the team we lost to in Texas, so they owe us a couple wins.

However, I still plan for a 6 game sweep.

(God knows we need it.)

On to the next ones!

[Record: 21-15 (6-8), Batting Average: (25-79) .316]

Games 33-34 Report

Between the wind in my face, dirt in my eyes, and sun beating down on my entire body, I could’ve sworn we played today’s games in the desert.

I felt like I spent 4 hours blinking rapidly while standing in a breezy oven.

(GO.TEAM. *sarcasm*)

But we did get two conference wins today, so I can’t complain too much.

2-0 the first game and 6-1 the second.

I played right field all day, except for the first two innings of the second game. I had one whole ball hit me, but I caught it, so we good. *thumbs up*

I was 3-3 batting with three base hits, a walk, and at least one RBI.

However, I will say the umpires made today interesting. They blew at least 5 calls, two in our favor and the rest against  us.

Killed our momentum on offense for sure, but it did light a new fire under our butts on defense.


On the road again Thursday for more conference play and our last games of the week.

(Pray our bats really come back to us.)

On to the next ones!

[Record: 21-13 (6-6), Batting Average: (25-77) .325]

Games 31-32 Report (Texas Day 2)

This afternoon brought two more tough losses for us.

We played the team ranked below us in conference, so we really needed the wins, but we just couldn’t pull through.

However, we were blessed with another day of near perfect weather.

(My boyfriend’s family also came to watch me play for a little while, so that was nice.)

We lost the first game 4-0 and the second game 5-4 in 8 innings.

I caught most of the first game, and I went 0-2 batting with two ground outs, and then I was on book duty for the rest of the day.

The drive back was long, but my shower was waiting for me at home.

(And boy, I’m glad to be back…)

We’re back at home again Tuesday.

On to the next ones.

[Record: 19-13 (4-6), Batting Average: (22-73) .301]

Games 29-30 Report (Texas Day 1)

The drive down was long, but we didn’t hit much traffic, and I only had to drive the van for an hour. (Woo!)

We hit up Chick-Fil-A for lunch, and then we headed to the fields.

We played another team in our conference, and we run ruled them both games 8-0 after 5 innings.

Except for the last half inning in right field, I didn’t play the first game, but I did have the ball hit to me, and I almost threw another girl out at first base.

I played left field most of the second game, and then I caught the last half inning. I was 1-2 batting at two hole (a pleasant change) with a sac bunt, a foul tip out, and a base hit that scored two runs.

Now for dinner at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.

(I’m all about that burrito life.)

Hoping for two more wins tomorrow.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 19-11 (4-4), Batting Average: (22-71) .310]

Games 27-28 Report

Just another magic… Thursday?

To keep it short and sweet, we won 8-0 in five innings and 2-0 at home against a team from Kansas.

I took book the first game, I caught the second game, and I was 0-2 on the day with a hit by pitch, a ground out, and a fly ball.


Weird & Wacky

The first game in the third or four inning, we had 1 out with the bases loaded. Our four hole hits a chopper to the short stop. She bobbles it, and then she tries to make the play at 1st, but she sails it over the first baseman’s head.

After the first baseman retrieves the ball, she tries to throw a runner out at home, but she makes a terrible throw to the catcher who tries to block it, but she bobbles it, too.

So our four hole ended up with a in-the-park triple on errors from a routine ground ball, and three runs scored.

(Who would’ve thunk it?)


We’re currently on the road to Texas. We play today and tomorrow, both against teams in our conference, so we really need these four wins.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 17-11 (2-4), Batting Average: (21-69) .304]