Games 27-28 Report

Just another magic… Thursday?

To keep it short and sweet, we won 8-0 in five innings and 2-0 at home against a team from Kansas.

I took book the first game, I caught the second game, and I was 0-2 on the day with a hit by pitch, a ground out, and a fly ball.


Weird & Wacky

The first game in the third or four inning, we had 1 out with the bases loaded. Our four hole hits a chopper to the short stop. She bobbles it, and then she tries to make the play at 1st, but she sails it over the first baseman’s head.

After the first baseman retrieves the ball, she tries to throw a runner out at home, but she makes a terrible throw to the catcher who tries to block it, but she bobbles it, too.

So our four hole ended up with a in-the-park triple on errors from a routine ground ball, and three runs scored.

(Who would’ve thunk it?)


We’re currently on the road to Texas. We play today and tomorrow, both against teams in our conference, so we really need these four wins.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 17-11 (2-4), Batting Average: (21-69) .304]


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