Games 33-34 Report

Between the wind in my face, dirt in my eyes, and sun beating down on my entire body, I could’ve sworn we played today’s games in the desert.

I felt like I spent 4 hours blinking rapidly while standing in a breezy oven.

(GO.TEAM. *sarcasm*)

But we did get two conference wins today, so I can’t complain too much.

2-0 the first game and 6-1 the second.

I played right field all day, except for the first two innings of the second game. I had one whole ball hit me, but I caught it, so we good. *thumbs up*

I was 3-3 batting with three base hits, a walk, and at least one RBI.

However, I will say the umpires made today interesting. They blew at least 5 calls, two in our favor and the rest against  us.

Killed our momentum on offense for sure, but it did light a new fire under our butts on defense.


On the road again Thursday for more conference play and our last games of the week.

(Pray our bats really come back to us.)

On to the next ones!

[Record: 21-13 (6-6), Batting Average: (25-77) .325]


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