Senior Night Weekend (Games 39-42)

Friday’s games were short and sweet.

We played the team from Texas we beat twice before, and we beat them twice again. We won 9-1 the first game and 10-1 the second, both after 5 innings.

I played like trash, so I don’t want to talk about it too much. I was 0-3 batting with a line drive to the outfield I got robbed on, a ground out, and a strike out.


Saturday on the other hand…

It was a good day.

The Senior Night festivities warmed my heart. We had the biggest crowd we’ve had so far, and it was great seeing everyone there to support us and cheer us on.

My parents and my boyfriend’s family also made it in from out of state to watch me play, so I was happy.

(S/O to the underclassmen who did a fantastic job with our gifts and flowers!)


Playing wise…

The wind didn’t quite cooperate, but it was pretty good otherwise. The only other downside was we couldn’t pull off a sweep, but we took a split.

We lost 4-2 the first game, and then we won 5-2 the second game.

I played right field the first game. I only had two balls hit to me. One, a simple base hit, and the other, a blooper that dropped right at the edge of the grass, so I was able to throw out the girl running home. I was 1-3 batting that game with a base hit, a ground ball, and a strike out.

The second game I caught, and I threw out one of the fastest girls on their team trying to steal second. I was 1-3 batting that game as well with a ground out, a strike out, and an RBI double.


We put the tarp on the field after the second game, but it is supposed to rain for a week straight, so we might not even be able to play next Saturday at home.

We’re scheduled to play away nearby against the #1 our conference (and the nation) on Tuesday, but who knows.

The season’s winding down, so we just gotta keep goin’.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 25-17 (10-10), Batting Average: (27-90) .300]


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