Games 43-44 Report

Yesterday, we played the #1 team in our conference, as well as the nation, and things went about as expected.

We lost the first game 13-0 after 5 innings and the second game 6-1.

Their pitching was the best we’ve seen, but nothing special, in my opinion. However, their hitting is definitely the reason they’re at the top.

The first game, a girl hit a ball about a foot into the other batter’s box off the top of the fence, and then another girl hit a ball literally at her chin for an opposite field home run.

It was pretty impressive.

I caught the first game, and then I had book duty the second game. I was 0-2 hitting with a ground out and a fly ball.


With all the rain we’ve been having, our field is still in pretty tough shape. We took the tarp off Wednesday, and it still looked (and smelled) like a fishing pond.

We’ll have to bust our butts to get it ready, but we’ll most likely play tomorrow.

But the rain did help us out a little!

We were supposed to play yesterday’s conference games Tuesday and then go to Kansas yesterday for non-conference games, but we were rained out Tuesday, so we moved the conference games to yesterday and cancelled the non-conference games.

Those non-conference games were going to be the decider of us keeping our record at or above .500, qualifying us to go to Colorado.

We now only have 6 conference games (and total games) left, and we are 6 games above .500, so we for sure qualify.

On the other hand, the sad thing now is the team in Colorado picked to host the tournament won’t qualify, so we don’t get a vacation. 😦

A team we split with earlier in the season will host the tournament, or if they don’t want to, we will host it.

(It’s bittersweet.)

Nonetheless, we still have a really good chance of winning that regional and/or getting a bid to the national tournament in Virginia.

Hopefully, we can win at least 3 of the 6 regular season games we have left to give us some momentum going into our conference tournament and then into the regional.

Only time will tell.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 25-19 (10-12), Batting Average: (27-92) .293]


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