Games 45-46 Report

I’m a week behind schedule with this, but better late than never, right?

We played the #3 team in our conference last Saturday. (None of our regular season games now mean anything , so we didn’t expect much.) We were supposed to play at home, but the rain got the upper hand on our field.

I caught the first game, and things were going pretty well, but then, just like when we played them the first time, we had our one inning where the wheels fell off.

Same goes for the second game.

We lost 5-1 and 7-1.

I played right field for the final inning of the second game, but I didn’t bat.

I was 1-3 on the day at the plate with a strike out, infield single, and a deep fly ball in the last inning.


The schedule had us playing away last Tuesday and home Thursday, but that didn’t happen.

(Our field today probably still resembles a pond more than a diamond.)

We have the school wide MACU Olympics Monday night, so we can’t play, and the last day to reschedule games is Tuesday, so we may or may not get these last 4 games in.

Regardless, the conference tournament starts next Thursday. We’ll be at the #1 seed’s place with the #4 and #8. 3 games Thursday, 2 Friday, and then graduation Saturday morning!

(I’m pumped!)

Still on softball, we also have our other tournament coming up that could take us to nationals the following Tuesday, but the specifics are still up on the air.


Back to school, I attended my last class on Tuesday and submitted my only final on Wednesday (I got a 100%), so I’m completely done until graduation!

It’s such a relief and an accomplishment.

I also start working tomorrow (weather permitting), I give hitting lessons once a week now, and coed starts this Wednesday (SUPER EXCITED), so I’ll be a busy girl for the next month.

However, I have good vibes coming my way about it, so I’m not worried. The future looks bright.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 25-21 (10-14), Batting Average: (28-95) .295]


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