Road to Virginia! (Day 1-2)

I don’t know about the bright eyes or bushy tails, but we did have two early mornings on the road. We left from the school yesterday morning, stayed the night in Jackson, TN, and then today, we traveled the rest of our way to Daleville, VA.

Aside from some questionable stops and goes, the ride itself wasn’t too bad. The first part of the trip was pretty familiar for me (because of the trips to see my parents), but it is still a beautiful drive, nonetheless. It seemed like with every mile, the passing land got a little taller and a little greener.


We ate at the normal food places for lunch, McDonald’s the first day and Chick-Fil-A the next. However, we did experience our first walk up Chick-Fil-A, which was both weird and wonderful.

Dinner last night was at a local Italian restaurant. The bread wasn’t bad, and then I had the minestrone soup and the deluxe baked ziti. The soup was good as well, and then, in regards to the pasta, “They had me at ‘black olives’.” (And pepperoni…)

Dinner tonight was going to be at Cracker Barrel, but the wait was too long, so we bused back over to Shoney’s. It reminded me of a smaller Golden Corral/Denny’s, but most of us just ordered off the menu.

I had the burger sliders. They reminded me of the burgers from Freddy’s back home (in a good way), but the fries were nothing spectacular.


Alas, we have yet another early morning ahead of us. Meeting at the bus at 8:00 AM to head over to a church for a short devotional and then community service. We have practice later in the afternoon, and then we have the banquet tomorrow evening.

I’m looking forward to both getting back on the field and getting dolled up.

I’ll keep you posted!


Regional Tournament Report (Games 52-53)

The games Tuesday were disappointing.

(To say the least…)

We lost 12-2 and 6-1 to a team that did almost everything in their power to lose, especially the first game, but it just wasn’t our day.

I caught the first game and played right field the majority of the second game.

I was 2-6 on the day batting with two base hits.



Despite a roller coaster of emotions, we found out we are still going to nationals!

We leave Sunday morning for an adventure I know we will never forget.

We’ll be gone until at least Saturday, but we’re hoping for Sunday because that means we advanced to championship play.

Get ready for a steady stream of blogging!

Virginia, here we come!

And on to the next ones!

[Record: 26-27 (PS: 1-4), Batting Average: (33-114) .289]

Graduation Day (And So Much More!)

Yesterday was truly a dream come true.

It was a long day, but it was dang near perfect.


Graduation was early, but it went smoothly. I got to sit next to my softball girls, so that made the time go by a little faster. (They also pronounced my name right, and I didn’t fall, so that’s a plus.)

After graduation, everyone met up at the always delicious Catfish Cove for lunch. It was great food and great fellowship.

(Along with their Saturday All You Can Eat crab legs, they also featured their special Mother’s Day homemade strawberry ice cream. *thumbs up*)


We had a little bit of a break between lunch and my graduation party at Scratch, so I did some last minute Mother’s Day shopping.

I came back home, cleaned up a little, and then I headed over to Scratch to help my mom set up a few things for the party. We rented out their quaint outdoor patio, and it was absolutely perfect for the occasion.

We had a couple trays that reminded me of a bag of trail mix. They had a variety of crackers, fruits, pickles, hard boiled eggs, etc. It was an odd combination, but the plating was beautiful, and everything tasted great.

We had bacon wrapped shrimp, balsamic chicken skewers, and cheesecake, brownie, and cookie bites as well. I also tried a new cocktail called the “Fog and Lace”.

It was served in the same glass as the Blood Honeymoon I tried last time, and it looked similar with the egg white foam on top. However, it wasn’t as strong (in a good way), and the herbs really sang through to give it a refreshing finish.


But I must say…

The highlight of the night happened in the middle of the party.

My dad toasted me first.

It was humorous, light hearted, and genuine. (Just like him.)


He asked if anyone else wanted to speak, and my boyfriend stepped up.

Then he got down on one knee, and he asked me to marry him.

I said yes, of course. (I had my suspicions.)

But we met the night of my high school graduation, and now, four years later, on the night of my college graduation, he asks me to be his wife.

It could not have been a better moment.


All in all, yesterday just made me realize how many people love and support me, and that means more to me than anyone will ever know.

My fiancĂ©’s parents and my parents do so much for the both of us, and I couldn’t ever thank them enough.

I wouldn’t have my degree or my ring without them.

God is so, so good.

Conference Tournament Report (Games 49-51)

With our regular season ending Tuesday, we moved forward to the conference tournament yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Our tournament consists of 3 games of pool play for each team (2 Thursday and 1 Friday), and then the team with the most wins advanced to the championship game tomorrow morning.


We lost 4-1 the first game against the #2 seed in our bracket on a heartbreaker in extra innings. I caught that game and went 1-4 batting two hole with a base hit, sac bunt, two ground outs, and a pop up. (+stolen base)

We sat two games, and then we played the #1 seed. We lost 10-2 in 5 innings. I played 3 of the 5 innings in right field before I subbed out. I only batted once, and I popped up.

This morning was our final game of the tournament. (Two losses was the nail in our coffin.) We played the #4 seed and won 7-2. I caught all but the last inning where I moved to right field. Back at two hole, I was 2-4 on the day with two base hits, a ground out, and a pop up.


Weird and Wacky

Between our games yesterday, the #2 (who beat us) played the #4. We dislike the #2 for multiple reasons, so we were hardcore rooting for the #4, even though their chances were slim to none. However, THEY PULLED OFF THE UPSET! They won 4-2, and we cheered very loud.

But even more crazy…

Today, the #2 played the #1 (same team at the top of the national leaderboard with only 1 loss), and the #2 beat them 3-2 in the bottom of the 7th inning. As much as I don’t like the #2, I ain’t even mad. The #1 needed to go. (So overrated.)


Anyway, we found out we host the final regional tournament Tuesday and Wednesday as a best two out of three series against a team out of Kansas.

If we win the series, we automatically advance to nationals in Virginia. However, if we don’t win, we have a very good chance of an at large bid for nationals, so we’ll get to go anyways.

The remainder of the season is do or die, but I know my ladies are ready for a fight.

Only God knows how far we’ll go, but I’ll still enjoy every step along the way.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 26-25 (PS: 1-2), Batting Average: (31-107) .290]

Games 47-48 Report

Rain make ups yesterday against the season long #1 team in the nation. However… This time, things went better than expected.

We lost the first game 5-1, but two of those run were unearned, and then we lost the second game 5-0.

We consistently had people on base all day long (we even had bases loaded at least twice), but we just couldn’t get the big hits we needed to drive in the runs.


I caught the first game, and the umpires killed us behind the plate with inconsistencies and squeezing the strike zone. Their base runners also left the base early on EVERY steal, so of course they were safe, but they wouldn’t call those either…

(I played the last inning of the second game in right field as well.)

I was 1-3 batting with a base hit, a pop up, and a ground out that would’ve been a base hit, but the pitcher tipped it with her glove, and it ricocheted right to the second baseman… *not amused*


Our conference tournament starts tomorrow and carries into Friday afternoon. 2 games the first day against the #4 and #1, and then 1 game the second day against the #8.

I’m a realist, so I know our chances of making it to the championship Saturday are slim. However, if we play like we did yesterday, we definitely have the ability to surprise some people.

Regardless of this weekend, we’re still waiting to hear about our other regional tournament next Tuesday. Coach also asked us about going to nationals in Virginia, so I know he believes we have a good chance to make it, and we would be the first team in school history to do so.

Honestly, even if we go to nationals and then get beat out the first day, I don’t care. Leaving a mark and advancing our program is the most important thing. I won’t stop fighting until the last out of our last game, and I know God has big things in store for us.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 25-23 (10-16), Batting Average: (28-98) .296]