Games 47-48 Report

Rain make ups yesterday against the season long #1 team in the nation. However… This time, things went better than expected.

We lost the first game 5-1, but two of those run were unearned, and then we lost the second game 5-0.

We consistently had people on base all day long (we even had bases loaded at least twice), but we just couldn’t get the big hits we needed to drive in the runs.


I caught the first game, and the umpires killed us behind the plate with inconsistencies and squeezing the strike zone. Their base runners also left the base early on EVERY steal, so of course they were safe, but they wouldn’t call those either…

(I played the last inning of the second game in right field as well.)

I was 1-3 batting with a base hit, a pop up, and a ground out that would’ve been a base hit, but the pitcher tipped it with her glove, and it ricocheted right to the second baseman… *not amused*


Our conference tournament starts tomorrow and carries into Friday afternoon. 2 games the first day against the #4 and #1, and then 1 game the second day against the #8.

I’m a realist, so I know our chances of making it to the championship Saturday are slim. However, if we play like we did yesterday, we definitely have the ability to surprise some people.

Regardless of this weekend, we’re still waiting to hear about our other regional tournament next Tuesday. Coach also asked us about going to nationals in Virginia, so I know he believes we have a good chance to make it, and we would be the first team in school history to do so.

Honestly, even if we go to nationals and then get beat out the first day, I don’t care. Leaving a mark and advancing our program is the most important thing. I won’t stop fighting until the last out of our last game, and I know God has big things in store for us.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 25-23 (10-16), Batting Average: (28-98) .296]


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