Conference Tournament Report (Games 49-51)

With our regular season ending Tuesday, we moved forward to the conference tournament yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Our tournament consists of 3 games of pool play for each team (2 Thursday and 1 Friday), and then the team with the most wins advanced to the championship game tomorrow morning.


We lost 4-1 the first game against the #2 seed in our bracket on a heartbreaker in extra innings. I caught that game and went 1-4 batting two hole with a base hit, sac bunt, two ground outs, and a pop up. (+stolen base)

We sat two games, and then we played the #1 seed. We lost 10-2 in 5 innings. I played 3 of the 5 innings in right field before I subbed out. I only batted once, and I popped up.

This morning was our final game of the tournament. (Two losses was the nail in our coffin.) We played the #4 seed and won 7-2. I caught all but the last inning where I moved to right field. Back at two hole, I was 2-4 on the day with two base hits, a ground out, and a pop up.


Weird and Wacky

Between our games yesterday, the #2 (who beat us) played the #4. We dislike the #2 for multiple reasons, so we were hardcore rooting for the #4, even though their chances were slim to none. However, THEY PULLED OFF THE UPSET! They won 4-2, and we cheered very loud.

But even more crazy…

Today, the #2 played the #1 (same team at the top of the national leaderboard with only 1 loss), and the #2 beat them 3-2 in the bottom of the 7th inning. As much as I don’t like the #2, I ain’t even mad. The #1 needed to go. (So overrated.)


Anyway, we found out we host the final regional tournament Tuesday and Wednesday as a best two out of three series against a team out of Kansas.

If we win the series, we automatically advance to nationals in Virginia. However, if we don’t win, we have a very good chance of an at large bid for nationals, so we’ll get to go anyways.

The remainder of the season is do or die, but I know my ladies are ready for a fight.

Only God knows how far we’ll go, but I’ll still enjoy every step along the way.

On to the next ones!

[Record: 26-25 (PS: 1-2), Batting Average: (31-107) .290]


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