Regional Tournament Report (Games 52-53)

The games Tuesday were disappointing.

(To say the least…)

We lost 12-2 and 6-1 to a team that did almost everything in their power to lose, especially the first game, but it just wasn’t our day.

I caught the first game and played right field the majority of the second game.

I was 2-6 on the day batting with two base hits.



Despite a roller coaster of emotions, we found out we are still going to nationals!

We leave Sunday morning for an adventure I know we will never forget.

We’ll be gone until at least Saturday, but we’re hoping for Sunday because that means we advanced to championship play.

Get ready for a steady stream of blogging!

Virginia, here we come!

And on to the next ones!

[Record: 26-27 (PS: 1-4), Batting Average: (33-114) .289]


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