Road to Virginia! (Day 1-2)

I don’t know about the bright eyes or bushy tails, but we did have two early mornings on the road. We left from the school yesterday morning, stayed the night in Jackson, TN, and then today, we traveled the rest of our way to Daleville, VA.

Aside from some questionable stops and goes, the ride itself wasn’t too bad. The first part of the trip was pretty familiar for me (because of the trips to see my parents), but it is still a beautiful drive, nonetheless. It seemed like with every mile, the passing land got a little taller and a little greener.


We ate at the normal food places for lunch, McDonald’s the first day and Chick-Fil-A the next. However, we did experience our first walk up Chick-Fil-A, which was both weird and wonderful.

Dinner last night was at a local Italian restaurant. The bread wasn’t bad, and then I had the minestrone soup and the deluxe baked ziti. The soup was good as well, and then, in regards to the pasta, “They had me at ‘black olives’.” (And pepperoni…)

Dinner tonight was going to be at Cracker Barrel, but the wait was too long, so we bused back over to Shoney’s. It reminded me of a smaller Golden Corral/Denny’s, but most of us just ordered off the menu.

I had the burger sliders. They reminded me of the burgers from Freddy’s back home (in a good way), but the fries were nothing spectacular.


Alas, we have yet another early morning ahead of us. Meeting at the bus at 8:00 AM to head over to a church for a short devotional and then community service. We have practice later in the afternoon, and then we have the banquet tomorrow evening.

I’m looking forward to both getting back on the field and getting dolled up.

I’ll keep you posted!


One comment

  1. Kem Cain · May 17, 2016

    Hi Honey, didn’t know you were leaving so soon, but, miss you and pulling for you and teammates. Good luck and do your very best, Loving you, GRAN.


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