Long Time, No See!

Hello, strangers!

I know it’s next to forever since you last heard from me, but I have exciting news!

If you haven’t seen already (via social media), I am now a writer and contributing editor for an awesome publishing site called Odyssey!

I’m part of a team of college students near the University of Oklahoma who write and publish articles of our choosing each week. We try to get as many shares as possible as a team, but Odyssey also awards a small prize to the writer with the top article every week.

(We’re always looking to expand our team as well, so click here to apply and select the Norman, OK Community!)

In all honesty, it’s just nice being back in an AEGIS-like writing environment with creative minds and grammar guidelines. (I needed this kind of structure in my life.)

Nonetheless, since I neglected my blog for so long, I plan on continuing posting my articles independently on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram; however, from now on, I will share my articles here with you guys, too!

These are my articles from the first four weeks with Odyssey…

Week 1: I Don’t Want to Poop on the Table

Week 2: For the Love of Everything, Stop B**ching About Jessica Mendoza

Week 3: Britney Spears Took All My Money

Week 4: I Hate Small Talk

(Keep your eye out for my fifth article publishing tomorrow or Tuesday.)

As I mentioned before, we’re in the business of getting shares. PLEASE share my articles if they inspire you, or if you like them, or if you hate them. I don’t even care. JUST SHARE!

Thank all of you in advance, and I hope you look forward to reading as much as I look forward to writing!


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