The Ultimate Playlist for the Girl Who Needs a Confidence Boost (Odyssey Article 10)

Okay, ladies! Get in formation! You are queens, and no one can tell you different! Enjoy!

The Ultimate Playlist for the Girl Who Needs a Confidence Boost

You are a queen.

Every girl has that moment (or moments) in her life when she just feels like she’s not good enough. Her confidence falls, and she starts to question her worth. However, these times are only temporary… because girl, you know what’s always true no matter the situation?

You are fine, you are fierce, and you are flawless.

In the famous words of Beyonce… Ladies, it’s time to get in formation. Let me introduce you to my ultimate “Bad B**ch Playlist”.

[**Some songs and videos may contain adult content and language.**]

1. Formation – Beyonce

Everyone knows Beyonce is literally Queen B. She always slays, and she’s always on her grind, just like you!


2. Me Too – Meghan Trainor

M Train does not care what anyone thinks! She knows she’s fabulous, and you are, too!

Meghan Trainor

3. Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya

Step aside, boys! This girl deserves to be front and center with you by her side!

Daya Blowing a Kiss

4. B**ch Better Have My Money – Rihanna

Rihanna has more swag than all men combined. You have it in you, too, girl!


5. Work B**ch – Britney Spears

You know what they say, “It’s Britney, b**ch!”, and honey, you’re also putting in that work!

Britney Spears Blowing a Kiss

6. Man, I Feel Like a Woman – Shania Twain

Shania’s my girl! She knows exactly how to have a good time, and you have just as much fun as her!

Shania Twain Leopard Outfit

7. So What – P!NK

P!NK is about as bad as they come. Channel her power and embrace it!

P!nk Roaring

8. Somethin’ Bad – Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood

Even after her divorce, Miranda hasn’t slowed down one bit, and you know Carrie always brings the big guns! You all do the most!

Miranda & Carrie

9. B**ch, I’m Madonna – Madonna

Madonna is just as relevant now as she was in the 80’s! Build your own legacy!


10. Feeling Myself – Nicki Minaj & Beyonce

Nicki is a woman in a man’s world, but she doesn’t let that stop her! Don’t just live, thrive!

(And Beyonce is Beyonce, so you know she’s making this playlist more than once!)

Nicki & Beyonce

11. Roar – Katy Perry

Katy is so cute, and she has killer pipes! Let your self-confidence roar!

Surprised Katy Perry

12. Fighter – Christina Aguilera

At times, Christina is a little rough around the edges, but her talent is unmatched. You can do anything, regardless of your circumstances!

Christina Aguilera

13. Confident – Demi Lovato

Demi knows nothing’s wrong with being confident! She’s struttin’ her stuff, and so are you!

Demi Lovato

14. Bo$$ – Fifth Harmony

This all-girl group is just as sassy as they are gifted! Vibe with their energy!

Fifth Harmony

15. Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani

Gwen’s career slowed down since the early 2000’s; however, you can’t beat the classics! You’re an original!

Gwen Stefani

16. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Kelly is another long-time leading lady, but all her songs still leave you feeling some type of way. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Kelly Clarkson Spinning

17. Do My Thang – Miley Cyrus

Miley went through a bit of a rough patch, but she’s come back full force! You can overcome anything!

Miley Cyrus Wearing a Mustache

18. WTF (Where They From) – Missy Elliott

Missy always gives us hits perfect for dancing like no one is watching! Do your thing, girl!

Missy Eliott

19. Born This Way – Lady Gaga

Gaga is all about loving yourself for who you are, and you’re perfect that way! Don’t change a thing!

Lady Gaga

20. Jenny From The Block – Jennifer Lopez

J Lo made it to the top, but she never forgets where she came from! Don’t lose sight of your roots!

Jennifer Lopez Ponytail

21. Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson

Keri knows exactly what you need to hear before a night out! You are a ten!!

Keri Hilson

22. The Best D*mn Thing – Avril Lavigne

Avril’s been a rocker from the beginning, and she always knows her worth! You’re the best of the best!

Avril Lavigne

23. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

T Swift had her fair share of relationships, but she remains the strong, independent woman her mama raised her to be. Just block out the haters! They have nothing on you!

Sassy Taylor Swift

24. Scars to Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara

Fairly new to the Top 40 music scene, Alessia still knows what you need to hear on a down day. You always have hope!

Alessia Cara

25. F**k Apologies – JoJo

After a long break, JoJo is back, and she’s just a fierce as ever! Stand your ground! You are strong!

Dancing JoJo

Remember, ladies… Not only are you fine, fierce, and flawless, you are also kind, smart, and important. Nothing and no one can take your worth away from you when you know you’re priceless and can conquer the world without a second thought. You go, girl!

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5 Bible Verses for a Worried Heart (Odyssey Article 9)

I’m super happy and proud to finally reach 50 posts on WordPress! I know I had a dry spell in there, but I came back full force. I hope you guys enjoy my article for Odyssey this week!

5 Bible Verses for a Worried Heart

Everything Happens for a Reason

This time of year, pretty much everyone has stress about one thing or another. From sports fans, to students, and so on, we all have some type of anxiety in our hearts, and with the holidays fast approaching, it’s only a matter of time before we’re completely overwhelmed.

However, I have some good news. The stress is only temporary. Everything happens for a reason, and God has your back. He has a plan.

Here are five Bible verses to ease your worried spirit.

Philippians 4:6-7It is amazing what prayer can do as a stress reliever. It’s basically the same thing as venting to your best friend. You’re telling God about the adversities you face and the troubles weighing on your heart. It just feels good to get it all off your chest.

John 14:27

When you give your worries over to God, He gives you His peace in return. His peace is better than the first sip of coffee on a winter morning or finally laying down to bed after a long day. The world might give you problems, but God gives you an escape.

Matthew 6:25-34

I’m just as guilty as anyone when it comes to worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, instead of understanding God will provide for me. No matter that happens later today or tomorrow, God will provide. We can sigh with relief because we need only concern with the now, and God takes care of the later.

Joshua 1:9

This verse is my personal favorite. How reassuring is it knowing God is always with you? In the good times, the bad times, the overwhelming times, and the lonely times, God is always there. You’re never alone.

John 13:7

God’s plans for us are so much bigger than we could ever imagine. He knows our minds, He knows our spirits, and He knows our capabilities (even when we don’t know our own). If you believe in Him, and you trust in Him, do not to worry. Just rest easy knowing God has something spectacular planned for your life.

When you take a deep breath of fresh air and dive into the word of God, you’ll come out feeling more refreshed than ever. We are busy people with busy lives and loads of responsibilities, but we also have responsibilities as followers of Christ. Take a little time out of each day to remind yourself of the blessing in your life, thank God for those blessing, and exchange your worries for His peace.

Don’t let the stresses and worries of this world overshadow the love of God you have in your heart. Everything will be okay.

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Why University of Oklahoma Football is the Best Football (Odyssey Article 8)

Football season is in full-swing, Sooner fans! I hope you guys enjoy, and GO OU!

Why University of Oklahoma Football is the Best Football

Boomer Sooner!

As all of you already know, football season is officially here. We’re two weeks into season, and things are already shaking up in the rankings. Regardless, few programs in NCAA Division 1 football continuously sit at the top of the charts, and the University of Oklahoma Sooners are one of those teams. We have pride, we have talent, and we have tradition allowing us to stake our claim in and around the top ten teams in the nation year after year because, you know, “There is only one Oklahoma.

Here are five reasons why OU football is the best football.

1. Football is life.

In Norman, Oklahoma, very few things exist locals get more excited about than football season (except basketball season, but that’s a whole other story). The beginning of September always sparks the highly anticipated return of the ‘boys of fall’. Tailgate tents line the streets around the stadium two days before game day, and don’t even try driving near campus the day of or Crimson and Cream clad pedestrians will have you sitting in the street.

2. Our stadium is breathtaking.

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Aside from the small amount of incomplete construction outside the south side of the stadium due to renovations (not shown above), Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is magnificent, and it was magnificent even before the updates. (Our campus itself is beautiful as well.) On game days, the stadium houses a loud and proud sea of red cheering on our favorite Sooners to victory. Another touch down? Cue the fireworks.

3. Our coaching staff is no joke.

Bob Stoops

Head coach Bob Stoops had big shoes to fill coming in to run the program in 1999 after the reign of legendary, 16-year, and College Football Hall of Fame coach Barry Switzer, but did Bob step up to the plate? Heck yeah, he did. He’s now the most ‘winningest’ coach in Oklahoma football history. He also holds claim to the 2000 BCS National Championship, as well as eight Big 12 Conference Championships (the most of any Big 12 team).

4. We have the best fans.

OU Fans

Let’s be honest… No sports program is anything without its fans, but the fans in Sooner Nation? We’re the best of the best. We’re loud, we’re proud, we’re classy, and we’re loyal. As the old saying goes, “We’re Sooner-born and Sooner-bred, and when we die, we’ll be Sooner-dead.” So band wagoners, please go. We don’t need y’all anyway.

5. We have a tradition of greatness.

OU Football Players

Do you see our players in fancy new uniforms and helmets every week? No. It’s the same red-on-white or white-on-white uniforms with our red helmets. Why, you ask? We don’t need anything extra. Our tradition is great, our tradition is legendary, and we don’t need to change a thing. A football program doesn’t have seven national championships, 44 conference championships, eight Big 12 titles, 28 bowl wins, etc. without tradition.

We are one. We are the University of Oklahoma. We are the best, and we always “play like champions”.

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Phrases You Can’t Avoid When You’re A Mixed Kid (Odyssey Article 7)

You’ll get a good laugh from this article whether you’re chocolate, vanilla, or somewhere in between. Enjoy!

Phrases You Can’t Avoid When You’re A Mixed Kid

No, You Can’t Touch My Hair

If you ever stumble across my personal blog on WordPress, you’ll see my screen name “halfcoffeehalfcream”. However, it is not just because I love coffee; I’m multi-racial. My dad is Afro-American, and my mom is Caucasian. (We have other stuff, too, but I won’t make it complicated.)

Nonetheless, when people aren’t quite sure what you are, you inevitably bring out their curiosities. They ask questions, make comments, give compliments, and you don’t mind being the center of their attentions for a few moments (as long as they aren’t creepy about it).

No matter the combination, here’s common phrases you can’t avoid when you’re a mixed kid.

“What are you mixed with?”

What Are You

When you don’t blend in with the aesthetics of the stereotypical crowd, people will stop you, and they will question you. Then, they are either really surprised or really intrigued by your answer. Regardless, you’ll still have those people who just assume you’re one thing or another, and they’ll address you as such.

(Ma’am, I don’t speak fluent Spanish. Please stop.)

“You don’t looked mixed.”

Confused Jensen Ackles

*no response*

“Can I touch your hair?”

Dr. Evil How 'bout No

You love a good scalp scrub at the barber shop or hair salon just as much as the next person, but those people are supposed to your my head. Stranger, thank you for telling me how cool/pretty my hair is, really, but I don’t know you, soooo.. No touchy.

(A pregnant woman feels uncomfortable having you touch her stomach, and I feel the same about my hair.)

“Is your hair real or a weave?”

Michael Scott

No, dude. These frizzy naps are all mine. Ain’t nobody payin’ for this.

“You have a lot of freckles.”

Beyonce Surprised

O.M.G. NO WAY. Definitely didn’t see these things plastered all over my face. Thanks for the heads up!

“You’re the lightest/darkest one here!”

New Girl Nick Uncomfortable

I… uh… didn’t notice…

“You’re white/black side came out.”

Sassy Black Man

Girl, boo.

“Is that really your mom?”

Awkward Emma Watson

Not sure why you think I would lie about that… but yes, that short white lady is my mother. Yes, I know I look absolutely nothing like her. No, I am not adopted.

“What’s your family like?”

Crazy Sofia Vergara

My answer? They’re nuts just like everyone else’s families.

Yes, the sides of my family are drastically different physically and ethnically, but when it comes down to it, they’re all the same. I mean, I always eat ‘good’, and I see the same cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. each time everyone gets together. We all drive each other insane, but the love is real, and I wouldn’t trade any of them (or my racial cocktail) for anything.

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Athletes are Worth More Than Their Abilities (Odyssey Article 6)

It’s finally published! Check out my 6th article for Odyssey!

 Athletes are Worth More Than Their Abilities

Because “Hard Work (Should) Beat Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard” – Tim Notke

Hall of Fame basketball player and coach John Wooden once said, “Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

More often than not, an athlete’s worth is only defined by one thing… The sport. Sadly, coaches, parents, fans, and even teammates look past who the athletes are as people and focus solely on their talents or lack thereof (a.k.a their reputations). However, an athlete’s character speaks volumes more than one’s reputation. Take O.J. Simpson, for example…

He was one of the best college and then professional football players of his time. Later, he was acquitted for the murders of two people (which he most likely actually committed), and now, he’s in jail for other crimes. His reputation as an all-star football player is forever overshadowed by his questionable character as a person.

Every so often, an article scrolls across my news feed dedicated to the coach who negatively impacted an athlete’s life. One of the first articles I read, A Letter to the Coach Who Broke Me, I shared with this response:

I’ve played ball for a long time, and I’ve had coaches all over the spectrum. I’ve even had a couple who resemble the one this girl talks about. While most of my passion and much of my confidence is gone, my love for the game won out, and I’m still playing. But I have advice to give. If you are miserable somewhere, truly miserable, leave. Find somewhere or someone else to play for. No amount of playing time or money is worth sacrificing your happiness. As well, if you dream of coaching, make mental notes of all the bad and/or ridiculous things you endured and become the coach you always wished your coach was. Be inspired by your good coaches because they are few and far between. Don’t let anyone take your fire and your passion away from you. Fight for it. Prove the people who doubt you wrong and go make a name for yourself at a place and with people who know they are lucky to have you and who push you to be your best. You are good enough, and you are worth it.

It isn’t uncommon for coaches to only care about the reputations of themselves and their teams with little regard for individual player’s characters. It is unfortunate because this is how most dedicated athletes’ passions burn out. I was once in the shoes of the kid who busted her butt every day in practice but who was out-shined by players with less work ethic and more skill, and nothing was more frustrating and disheartening, especially as a young player.

Just like players should appreciate good coaches, I believe coaches should appreciate good players who are good people. I’m not saying someone who can barely dribble a ball or someone who doesn’t know the difference between short stop and right field should play every game just because he/she works hard in practice. However, coaches acknowledging the positive attitudes, the extra minutes spent before or after practice, the constant hustle, etc. from players at any skill level works wonders for both personal and team moral because those things aren’t taught. They come from a player’s character — one’s diligent nature and his/her desire to do more.

Yes, the goal of every sport is to win, but so much more goes into that. Every athlete expects perfection from himself or herself, and he/she understands the coaches and everyone else also expect perfection. However, we are all people.

We are human, we are not perfect, and we will make mistakes.

In being human, athletes have abilities and characteristics in more than just the sports. Some are great speakers and motivators, some are delightfully funny, some would give the shirt off his/her back and the rest of the outfit to anyone in need, and the list goes on. These character traits only boost an athlete’s reputation within the team and otherwise.

Judging an athlete only by his/her athletic ability is belittling his/her worth as a person. Many legendary athletes accomplish more than most of us could even imagine, but it takes a special person to become a special athlete. These athletes know their worth as people and turn that positivity and motivation into a drive for their sports.

Coaches, understand your players as people and help them to find their confidence and their worth on and off the playing field. A “winning” reputation isn’t worth undermining the good spirits and passions of your players.

Parents, you know your players’ hearts; nurture them into the players and people they want to be.

Fans, watch the game for the love of the sport and the passion for the sport each player shares with you. They are more than just your entertainment.

Teammates, walk in each other’s shoes; build your teammates up like you’d want them to build you.

Athletes, play because you love your game, and know the difference between your worth and your ability. Some days, you’ll be the worst, and other days, you’ll be the best, but no one can take your positive attitude and work ethic away from you. Your reputation has nothing on your character because your character will take you to the places of your dreams.

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