Advice from the Girl Who Can’t Take Her Own Advice (Odyssey Article 13)

Check out my Odyssey article for this week, and some advice… Have a great weekend!

Advice from the Girl Who Can’t Take Her Own Advice

Just like the New Girl crew, my ducks are MIA.

We all know that girl who gives great advice, but she never seems to have the ability to apply it to her own life. She’s smart, unbiased, and a good listener, but she just can’t get her ducks in a row. That girl would also be me.

What can I say? It’s a character flaw. (Hopefully not a fatal one…) Regardless, I still have advice worth giving because I want all of you to succeed and be happy in life, even if it kills me…

Everything has beauty.

Just like every cloud has that (at times invisible) silver lining, every thing, every person, every situation has something beautiful and/or something good associated with it. You just have to open your eyes to see it.

Schmidt Beautiful Soul

Learn something new every day.

Like I told my friend the other day, “The world is your oyster.” From the moment you fall out of bed to the instant your head (or your face) hits the pillow, you have opportunities to gain knowledge and life experiences. You never know what life might throw at you.

[New Girl Fun Fact: The writers intentionally omitted the rules for True American from the show; however if you want to know how to play, look no further.]

Jess 1234 JFK

Laugh at yourself.

Let’s be honest… Everyone does dumb stuff, but it’s so much easier when you laugh it off than sit there feeling like an idiot about it. Life isn’t that serious. Have some fun.

Jess Laughing

Learn the value of silence.

Not just because silence really is golden, but you don’t always have to have something to do or say. Being honest and straightforward is a good thing; however, you also need to understand when saying nothing is better than saying anything.

Cece's Advice

Eat the f**king cake.

Or don’t. Do whatever makes you happy because as much as I wish I enjoyed eating salads (my waist line does, too), they’re no match for the heart’s true desires: chicken nuggets, pie, and sweet tea.

Jess Loves Food

It’s not about them; it’s about YOU.

Here’s the thing about doing what makes you happy… People will always try to make it about them. However… NEWS FLASH! It’s not. They guilt trip you and try making you feel bad, but you have nothing to be sorry for. You do you!

Winston Saturday is For Sleeping

Because you said so.

I’m so tired of people thinking “no” means “try harder”. SCREW THOSE PEOPLE. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. Really think about this… No one can make you do anything, and you don’t owe anyone an explanation either.

Nick and Jess

Forgive but never forget.

Forgiveness is about you, but you can forgive people (and you should) without completely dismissing it all. Keep tabs. They usually come in handy for future reference.

New Girl Group Hug

Love yourself.

I know things are always easier said than done, but at the end of the day, only you have you. It is your body, your mind, your soul, your heart, and your life. Do what you please and love every second.

Nick Jamming Out

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