20 Words I Didn’t Know I Was

20 Words I Didn’t Know I Was

(Odyssey Article 16)

Logolepsy: An obsession with words.

NERD ALERT: I love words.

I love reading. I love accents. I love definitions. I love speech.

I just love language and all the words (familiar and foreign) that come along with it.

Recently, I came across the article “30 Things I’d Rather Be Than Pretty“, and it sparked my search for new words to add to my vocabulary. While I borrowed a couple from the article’s author, I found myself enjoying the research and discovery of even more ways to describe myself. Hopefully, some of these relate to you guys, too.

1. Belesprit (French)

a person of great wit or intellect.

2. Sonderous (French)

one who realizes each random passerby lives a life as vivid and complex as his/her own.

3. Occhiolic (English)

a person aware of the smallness of his/her perspective in the scheme of the universe.

4. Eunoia (Greek)

well-minded; beautifully thinking.

5. Atychiphobic (Greek)

fearing failure; fear of not being good enough.

6. Bawdy (English)

humorously vulgar.

7. Abliguritious (Latin)

one who spends an excessive amount of money on food.

8. Couthy (Scottish)

a warm and friendly person.

9. Polyhistor (Greek/Latin)

a well-educated person; varied learning.

10. Esoteric (Greek)

understood by or meant only for the select few with special knowledge or interest; private, secret, confidential.

11. Scripturient (Latin)

having a consuming passion for writing.

12. Philocalic (Greek)

a lover of beauty.

13. Quiescent (Latin)

a quiet, soft-spoken soul.

14. Clinomaniac (Greek)

one with an excessive desire to stay in bed.

15. Finifugal (Latin)

a person who hates endings; tries avoiding or prolonging the final moments of a story, relationship, or some other journey.

16. Selcouth (English)

unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvelous.

17. Eccedentesiast (English)

one who hides pain behind a smile.

18. Recherche (French)

“carefully sought out”; carefully chosen, rare, or exotic.

19. Solivagant (Latin)

wandering alone.

20. Logastellus (Greek)

a person whose love of words is greater than his/her knowledge of words.

Even if you can’t find yourself in any of these, put them to good use in a paper or in everyday conversation. (You never know what might happen.) As well, if you want even more words, check out The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. Happy hunting!

If you wish to share my article, please share here through Odyssey. Thank you!


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