10 Realistic Tips for College Students Wanting to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

10 Realistic Tips for College Students Wanting to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

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Because who ACTUALLY drinks a gallon of water a day??

Whether you’re fresh into college or fresh out of college, the “Freshman Fifteen” is a real thing. However, it isn’t the end of the world. To get back in shape and love your body again (or just rediscover a healthy balance), here are ten realistic tips for college students looking to get back on track!

1. Drink half a glass of water every hour.

I know from experience it is quite difficult to drink eight glasses of water a day (especially when you don’t drink eight glasses of anything in a day), but if you cut the water consumption into intervals, it makes it much easier to get through. Even if you’re only awake for twelve hours, that’s still six glasses of water, and I’m sure that’s more than what you usually drink, anyway.

(Also, always order water when you go out to eat. It will save you calories and money!)

2. Swap chips for popcorn.

My whole world changed when I discovered Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP. Not only are her Sea Salt Popcorn and Lightly Sweet Popcorn healthier alternatives for fried potato chips and other sweets at 35 calories per cup, but when you need a fix, she also offers eleven additional flavors guaranteed to blow your mind and your taste buds.

(You can find BOOMCHICKAPOP small bags at Walmart and Target, sometimes on sale at Crest, or you can order bigger bags via Amazon.)

3. Wear fun socks when you work out.

I’m a former college athlete, and one of my favorite parts of game day was wearing my fun socks under my pants. We also had crazy sock contests at morning workouts to lighten the mood. Socks are cheap, and they become a motivator to go to the gym, so you can show them off. (You could even have a weekly contest with your workout partner to see who buys lunch!)

4. Have a vegetable with every meal at lunch and dinner.

As much as I wish otherwise, french fries aren’t a vegetable. However, that doesn’t mean you should eat a burger or chicken nuggets by themselves. Buy some frozen veggies, keep them in the freezer, and then make a batch for the week to go with your meals. You could also buy some fresh and dip them in hummus or light ranch as a snack.

5. Invest in a baby crockpot.

A one and a half to two-quart crockpot costs around $20, and it makes just the perfect amount of food for you (with leftovers) or you plus one. A crockpot is ideal for college students on the go because you throw the ingredients in, turn the dial, and you don’t have to do anything else until it’s time to eat!

6. Work out when and how it is convenient for you.

I use workouts in the morning as a way to wake up, and I like to get them out of the way first thing. However, if you dread when your alarm goes off, don’t workout in the morning. When you’re up at midnight binge watching Netflix, you could use that time to hit the gym instead.

As well, don’t feel like you need to be at the gym for hours on end (unless that’s what you enjoy). You can get just as much done in a concentrated 30-45 minutes as you can stretching out your workouts.

7. Swap out regular pasta and bread for whole grain.

Bread and pasta aren’t great for you anyway, but whole grain is definitely better for you than white. It’s less processed, and it provides more nutrients than regular bread/pasta. Throw in a can of tuna, and you have a quick, easy, and tasty pasta salad with good carbs, protein, and fats (or you can add a boiled egg and some light mayo to the tuna for the same effect on a sandwich!).

8. Get your sleep.

I know this is easier said than done, but I also know you can find ways to get more sleep. Whether it’s a fifteen-minute nap in between classes or going to bed an hour earlier, sleep is essential for your physical and mental health and productivity.

9. Have two cheat days.

To be completely honest, it just isn’t realistic for me to go six days straight with no mishaps (and I know I’m not alone!). Contrary to popular belief, it is okay to have two days a week to treat yourself. It’s so much easier to go two or three days with a break, and this personally helped me stay consistent instead of having a cravings meltdown on healthy day four or five.

10. Moderate your alcohol intake.

I won’t even lie to you… I love wine. However, I can’t drink a bottle by myself every night and expect nothing to happen. You can go out with your friends on the weekends, or have a drink at home after a rough day of class, but be mindful of how much you put in your body. You can overdrink your calories just as much as you can overeat them.

So college friends, take care of yourselves. Find your balance and get back on track to a healthier you. You can do it!

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10 Questions I Have For Norman, Oklahoma

10 Questions I Have For Norman, Oklahoma

(Odyssey Article 26)

“5. Will someone bring me a Swirl?”

Norman, Oklahoma isn’t just a college town; it’s a community. It’s a place people might call home for a semester or (like me) their whole lives. However, regardless of your time spent in this lovely city, we all have some questions running through our heads as we travel in, around, and through this town from day to day.

From food to fandom, here are the top ten questions I have for Norman, Oklahoma.

1. What’s with all the construction?

2. Will I ever find a parking spot on campus?

3. Can I move in with Bob?

4. Who wants a turkey leg?

5. Will someone bring me a Swirl?

6. Tigers or Timberwolves?

7. What are seasons?

8. Do you like green eggs and ham (and beer)?

9. How do you actually pronounce gyro?

10. Is it football season yet?

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Why We Need to Talk More About Consent in Relationships

Why We Need to Talk More About Consent in Relationships

(Odyssey Article 25)

A label is not a green light.

All over social media, we’re bombarded with statuses, tweets, articles, videos, etc. about consent (or lack thereof), and yes, it is super important.

Yet, the type of consent addressed most often directs more towards the single people in our “hook-up” culture. We rarely ever hear or read about consent in regards to relationships.

It’s obvious to me the same rules would (and should) apply to a single man or woman that apply to a married man or woman, as well as every other man or woman in between.

Yes, relationships and marriages require compromise; however, everyone has limits, so why do we pretend like sexual assault and sexual abuse don’t exist between couples?

A label is not a green light.

A ring is not a green light.

A marriage license is not a green light.

You don’t get to have a handsy free-for-all as soon as you put a rock on her finger. Just because someone commits him/herself to you doesn’t mean you’re granted permission to disrespect that person’s body.

Your girlfriend’s curves might be “your’s”, but if she doesn’t want you touching her, leave her alone.

You might appreciate your man’s body, but that doesn’t give you permission to grab him whenever you feel like it.

You might think it’s funny to push, poke, or hit your partner playfully, but it doesn’t excuse you from respecting his/her boundaries.

Consent comes from one thing and one thing only… A non-hesitant, non-provoked, non-persuaded, enthusiastic YES!

If you guilt your spouse into having sex with you when he/she isn’t in the mood, THAT IS NOT CONSENT. (I’m not saying you rape your significant other, but if the other person isn’t 100% willing, it still isn’t consent.)

Consent is a situation where variables don’t apply. Unlike many things falling into the gray, consent is black and white. Stop means stop, and no means no, regardless of the person’s relationship status, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

The things happening behind closed doors and “Welcome Home” mats still happen. We shouldn’t just sweep them under the rug after the wedding or after it becomes FBO. They are real, and we need to talk about them. Just open your ears and listen.

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New Year, Same S***

New Year, Same S***

(Odyssey Article 24)

Because who needs resolutions anyway?

Let’s be honest…

New Year’s resolutions, for most of us, are just empty promises and broken dreams waiting to happen. We say we’ll change… We say we’ll be better… But really, who wants to run and eat salad every day? That’s right… NOBODY.

(And don’t lie and say you do because that’s not real life.)

So let’s stop kidding ourselves and just quit while we’re already… behind.

Don’t get me wrong… Anyone who really feels like they need changes and/or improvements in their lives and take the necessary steps to success, you go, Glen Coco! I have the utmost respect for you!

However, I’m a realist, and I know, for about 99.99999% of us, ain’t nothing gonna change because we like our Chick-fil-A and sweet tea, our Netflix binges, our drinking habits, and our lack of self-control in all things (including our sanities).

We don’t mind if our clothes fit a little tighter than they used to (everyone wears sweats this time of year, anyway), and a few cuss words never hurt anybody. (Except in church. Don’t do that.)

All and all, take this new year to find the new you or stick with the same you. It doesn’t matter.

Do what makes you happy, and the rest will fall into place. As long as you love yourself, and you love others, what else really matters in the world?

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10 People You Don’t Want at Your New Year’s Eve Party

10 People You Don’t Want At Your NYE Party

(Odyssey Article 23)

New Year, Same Party People

Christmas is over, and we’re about to ring in the New Year. This year went by faster than expected, but your NYE party will be legendary (as always). However, a few things could put a real damper on the ball drop. Here are ten people you definitely want to leave off the guest list.

1. The guy who’s blacked out-passed out by 10:30 PM.

Black Out Drunk

2. The couple who thinks the ball drops every 30 seconds.

Supernatural Funny Kiss Gif

3. The mortified mom-friend who’s out at her first post-21 New Year’s Eve party and keeps telling everyone to drink water.

I'm Such a Good Friend

4. The guy who just broke up with his long-time girlfriend (who treated him like crap anyway).

Sad Lieutenant Dan Gif

5. The girl who’s already talking about her New Year’s resolutions.

Mean Girls 3 Pounds Gif

6. The guy who keeps shooshing everyone as he waits for the ball drop.

Shhh Gif

7. The girl who’s everyone’s ex.

Golden Girls On Who

8. The guy who tries to hook up with every girl.

Can I Have Your Number?

9. The Woo Girl.

New Girl Woo Girl

10. The couple who gets into a fight and leaves within 30 minutes of arrival.

New Girl Jess and Nick Fighting

Have fun, be safe, and Happy New Year!

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