10 People You Don’t Want at Your New Year’s Eve Party

10 People You Don’t Want At Your NYE Party

(Odyssey Article 23)

New Year, Same Party People

Christmas is over, and we’re about to ring in the New Year. This year went by faster than expected, but your NYE party will be legendary (as always). However, a few things could put a real damper on the ball drop. Here are ten people you definitely want to leave off the guest list.

1. The guy who’s blacked out-passed out by 10:30 PM.

Black Out Drunk

2. The couple who thinks the ball drops every 30 seconds.

Supernatural Funny Kiss Gif

3. The mortified mom-friend who’s out at her first post-21 New Year’s Eve party and keeps telling everyone to drink water.

I'm Such a Good Friend

4. The guy who just broke up with his long-time girlfriend (who treated him like crap anyway).

Sad Lieutenant Dan Gif

5. The girl who’s already talking about her New Year’s resolutions.

Mean Girls 3 Pounds Gif

6. The guy who keeps shooshing everyone as he waits for the ball drop.

Shhh Gif

7. The girl who’s everyone’s ex.

Golden Girls On Who

8. The guy who tries to hook up with every girl.

Can I Have Your Number?

9. The Woo Girl.

New Girl Woo Girl

10. The couple who gets into a fight and leaves within 30 minutes of arrival.

New Girl Jess and Nick Fighting

Have fun, be safe, and Happy New Year!

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