The 7 Stages of Writer’s Block

The 7 Stages of Writer’s Block

(Odyssey Article 28)

“Maybe next week.”

Whether you write for pleasure, publication, or education, we all run into the dreaded writer’s block from time to time, and when it rears its ugly head, we have no choice but to push through the wall and hope for the best.

Though writer’s block is inevitable, there’s always a light at the end of the literary tunnel.

1. Shock or Disbelief

“My deadline is in 30 minutes… This isn’t happening.”

2. Denial

“I’m perfectly fine. I will finish. I got this!”

3. Anger


4. Bargaining

“God, if you let me finish this, I will never curse again.”

5. Guilt

“Why did I wait so long to start this…”

6. Depression

“I’m worthless… Why did they even choose me for this?”

7. Acceptance and Hope

“Well, I’m definitely not meeting deadline… Maybe next week.”

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