To The New Girl In My Old Jersey

To The New Girl In My Old Jersey

(Odyssey Article 29)

Make it legendary.

This time of year brings the start of the season for collegiate softball. It’s time to lace up the new cleats, grab the old glove, and run out onto every ball girl’s favorite diamond.

Even though a year passed since graduation, I don’t miss the game any less, and my passion for it hasn’t extinguished. By the end of my senior year, many people were ready to hang up their cleats, but I’ll always keep mine in the back of my car just in case. I know five, ten, even twenty years from now, softball will still be something near and dear to my heart.

So, as the season begins, I can’t help but reminisce, and there are a few things I want the new girl to know.

First and foremost, congratulations. You made it to the college level, and that’s an accomplishment in itself. I know how hard it is balancing school and a job, so adding a sport (and everything coming with it) on top of those is something worthy of praise.

Anyhow, as you put on y(our) jersey for this season, you’ll see a few obvious things… The number, most importantly, maybe a leftover stain or two (for which I apologize), and the school name and colors now making up a large part of your identity.

However, what you don’t see are the minutes spent soaking in fresh, spring air, warm sunshine, and the smell of mowed grass.

You don’t see the dried tears wiped away on disappointed car rides home.

You don’t see the smiles in the stands from parents and in the dugout from teammates after a big play.

You don’t see the friendships on and off the field.

You don’t see the flashes of doubt in worth and confidence.

You don’t see the hours spent icing stiff knees and elbows.

You don’t see the post-season wins, the seventh inning losses, or the firsts frozen in history.

You don’t see the moments worth a lifetime of backyard catch, early practices, late games, and unconditional love from a career now passed…

Yes, it still makes me emotional knowing my time is over, but all good things must come to an end. Yet, I am hopeful because I know you now continue the legacy.

So, like a torch, I pass this jersey on to you. It is your’s to make your own moments and your own memories to look back on for a lifetime to come. As I’m sure you already know, it is nothing to take lightly, so I know you’ll handle this responsibility with great care.

Whether you wear this jersey for one season or your entire college career, know it is not just a piece of clothing. It is a temporary burden, a beautiful blessing, and an inseparable bond… Because in your moments of doubt, you can look down at your jersey and know you’re not alone.

I wish you the best of luck in all you do, and may you hit the ball as deep as your love for the game. The moment is your’s now… Make it legendary.

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10 Questions I Have For Norman, Oklahoma

10 Questions I Have For Norman, Oklahoma

(Odyssey Article 26)

“5. Will someone bring me a Swirl?”

Norman, Oklahoma isn’t just a college town; it’s a community. It’s a place people might call home for a semester or (like me) their whole lives. However, regardless of your time spent in this lovely city, we all have some questions running through our heads as we travel in, around, and through this town from day to day.

From food to fandom, here are the top ten questions I have for Norman, Oklahoma.

1. What’s with all the construction?

2. Will I ever find a parking spot on campus?

3. Can I move in with Bob?

4. Who wants a turkey leg?

5. Will someone bring me a Swirl?

6. Tigers or Timberwolves?

7. What are seasons?

8. Do you like green eggs and ham (and beer)?

9. How do you actually pronounce gyro?

10. Is it football season yet?

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The Bedlam Experience 2016

The Bedlam Experience 2016

(Odyssey Article 20)

Once again, it’s a great year to be a Sooner!

It all came down to this…

Between early losses, explosive wins, and a questionable ranking system, the #9 University of Oklahoma Sooners took on the #10 Oklahoma State Cowboys in the Bedlam match-up of the decade.

This game not only decided the winner of the state rivalry; it also crowned the Big 12 conference champion and named the team headed south to compete in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

However, with both teams 9-2 going into the big game, it was a red dirt toss up who walked out with the Bedlam bragging rights, the double-digit win, the conference championship, and the ticket to New Orleans.

When you woke up, and it was Bedlam time…

Baker Mayfield Dancing

When it was time to go into the stadium…

Trey Millard Running

When you watched pre-game and Bob said, “There’s only one”…

Excited OU Fans

When it was time for kick off…

Number One Finger

When OSU scored first…

J.R. Shaking Head

When Dede ran it in to take the lead…

OSU Fan in Winter

When Baker let it fly…

OSU Fans in Disgust

When Joe left everyone behind…

OSU Fan in Shock

When Samaje took a knee…

OSU Fan in Denial

When we knew we had it in the bag…

Baker Mayfield Celebrating

When we won the Big XII Title…

Ten Fingers for Ten Big 12 Championships

Ahmad Thomas Carrying Big 12 Trophy

Big 12 Championship Trophy

Group Photo of 2016 Big 12 Champions

We’re going to New Orleans! Boomer Sooner!

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Why University of Oklahoma Football is the Best Football (Odyssey Article 8)

Football season is in full-swing, Sooner fans! I hope you guys enjoy, and GO OU!

Why University of Oklahoma Football is the Best Football

Boomer Sooner!

As all of you already know, football season is officially here. We’re two weeks into season, and things are already shaking up in the rankings. Regardless, few programs in NCAA Division 1 football continuously sit at the top of the charts, and the University of Oklahoma Sooners are one of those teams. We have pride, we have talent, and we have tradition allowing us to stake our claim in and around the top ten teams in the nation year after year because, you know, “There is only one Oklahoma.

Here are five reasons why OU football is the best football.

1. Football is life.

In Norman, Oklahoma, very few things exist locals get more excited about than football season (except basketball season, but that’s a whole other story). The beginning of September always sparks the highly anticipated return of the ‘boys of fall’. Tailgate tents line the streets around the stadium two days before game day, and don’t even try driving near campus the day of or Crimson and Cream clad pedestrians will have you sitting in the street.

2. Our stadium is breathtaking.

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Aside from the small amount of incomplete construction outside the south side of the stadium due to renovations (not shown above), Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is magnificent, and it was magnificent even before the updates. (Our campus itself is beautiful as well.) On game days, the stadium houses a loud and proud sea of red cheering on our favorite Sooners to victory. Another touch down? Cue the fireworks.

3. Our coaching staff is no joke.

Bob Stoops

Head coach Bob Stoops had big shoes to fill coming in to run the program in 1999 after the reign of legendary, 16-year, and College Football Hall of Fame coach Barry Switzer, but did Bob step up to the plate? Heck yeah, he did. He’s now the most ‘winningest’ coach in Oklahoma football history. He also holds claim to the 2000 BCS National Championship, as well as eight Big 12 Conference Championships (the most of any Big 12 team).

4. We have the best fans.

OU Fans

Let’s be honest… No sports program is anything without its fans, but the fans in Sooner Nation? We’re the best of the best. We’re loud, we’re proud, we’re classy, and we’re loyal. As the old saying goes, “We’re Sooner-born and Sooner-bred, and when we die, we’ll be Sooner-dead.” So band wagoners, please go. We don’t need y’all anyway.

5. We have a tradition of greatness.

OU Football Players

Do you see our players in fancy new uniforms and helmets every week? No. It’s the same red-on-white or white-on-white uniforms with our red helmets. Why, you ask? We don’t need anything extra. Our tradition is great, our tradition is legendary, and we don’t need to change a thing. A football program doesn’t have seven national championships, 44 conference championships, eight Big 12 titles, 28 bowl wins, etc. without tradition.

We are one. We are the University of Oklahoma. We are the best, and we always “play like champions”.

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